Version v2.4
Android Version Android 4.2
Category Education
Languages English / Russian
Developer Uchi.ru, OOO
98.21% (560 Ratings)



Uchi.ru is an educational application focusing on the concept of interactive study. This application provides fascinating study in the field of mathematics as well as other subjects in an indulging form.

This application software enables the users to solve most of the problems given to them in their schools related to the school course as well as makes them practice the Olympiad tasks. There are above 2 thousand lively and stimulating tasks pre-installed in this application for the users to enjoy freely.

This system of education is adjustable according to the user as it offers individual tasks and is mainly aimed towards improving the quality of knowledge in the educational field. There are above 10 thousand students taking advantage of this application from all around Russia.

This educational learning software not only covers just the basic course but also provides the learners a platform to learn interesting Olympiad tasks in the fields of mathematics as well as entrepreneurship. The material provided in the application is not only just the basic but also the advance levels.

The users can easily access and complete the assignments, study one after another topic in continuity according to the pace of the learner with the perfect amount of repetition in order to learn and master the complete school curriculum on a single platform.

This application features learning of knowledge and curriculum of schools without allowing the learner to have any gaps of knowledge and a complete range of study material availability on their tablets and phones as well as computers.


Q. Is this application available on Google play?

Yes! You can download this game through Google Play. This app is also available to download from external sources.

Q. Can I download this game on android phone?

Yes! This game is specifically designed for android phones and laptops as well for student convinience.

Q. What is the target age for this game?

Kids from 10 onwards can play this game as it has simpler levels as well.

Q. What is the speciality of this game?

This game speciality of this game is that it is a fun way of engaging students and inducing learning.