Animes Brasil Apk

Version v1.7.5
Android Version Android 5.0+
Category Entertainment
Languages English / Russian
Developer PhoenixAshes | Brasil Tecnologia
98.29% (526 Ratings)



If you are an anime fan and you love to watch anime in your spare time then, this app is a must for you. It’s a dream come true kind of app for all the anime lovers. You can watch all sorts of anime from different genres on this app.

How amazing is that? Instead of surfing and struggling to find your favorite anime, you can simply download this app and easily find your desired anime. It’s an easy to use and highly organized app. you can find all the anime in categorizes. The categorization of anime makes is easier for the consumers to find their looked-for anime.

This is also a dupe of Netflix, but the only difference is that it gives you anime to watch instead of series, movies, documentaries and shows. Its interface has a very uncanny semblance from Netflix.

The app has also been categorized into recent updates and it also tells you about the most seen anime from around the globe. So just in case you are a bit skeptical and uncertain about a particular show or you could not select which anime to go for, you can simply go to the most seen section of the app and see what most of the world is seeing and jump n the bandwagon.


Easy to use

This app is easy to use and you can easily find your favorite anime. It has designed in a very simplistic and minimalistic manner, making it easier for the user to use.

High quality interface

Its quality of interface is of high quality. Also, its interface has a huge semblance with Netflix app as well. Therefore, most people regard it as a dupe of Netflix.

Hunt for your favorite anime

You can also find your favorite anime through search bar option available at the top corner of the app.

A wide range of anime

This app comes with a wide range of anime. You can find all sorts of anime from this app. Due to a wide range of anime available in this app, most anime lovers prefer this app instead of surfing on the google.


If you are a manga lover then, this app has sorted everything for you. This app is a heaven for all the anime and manga lover as it is providing you everything at one platform. If you are a manga and anime lover then, without wasting any single minute, you should hurry up and download this marvelous app.


If you love a certain anime and you want to re-watch it over and over again, you can simply put it into the list of favorites. In this way, you can easily access it whenever you want to and your time will not be wasted in searching for it again.

No bugs

The best part of this app is that it has no bugs whatsoever in it. Hence, this app is totally free to use and access.

Frequent updates

It has frequent updates therefore, it updates the list of anime and manga every now and then. If you do not like any anime in the present list, wait for tomorrow as it will come with a new and updated list of anime and manga.

Supports two languages

This app supports Portuguese and English language. So, if you belong from Portugal and do not understand English, you can still easily access this app. the only shortcoming of this app is that not all anime and manga titles are available in Portuguese language.

Not ad free

This app is unfortunately not ad free. Therefore, you will get to see many ads while using this app.

Little space

This app does not take a huge space on your mobile phone. This is a light app therefore, it takes a little space of your phone.

Diverse app

You can regard this app as a diverse app since it has a wide variety of anime and manga. You can catch up on any anime or manga of your choice for free which makes it the best app for all the anime lovers.


Q. Is animes brasil a free app?

You download this app for free.


Animes Brasil ApkAnimes Brasil ApkAnimes Brasil ApkAnimes Brasil Apk