Mangaowl Apk

Version v1.2.5
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Entertainment
Languages English
Developer Kanade Tachiyomi
92.82% (613 Ratings)



MangaOwl Apk serves as a digital comic library. Download MangaOwl Apk to explore thousands of comics with interesting pictures. Apk MangaOwl is the only official application for the distribution of Kicks mix.

This app keeps its users updated about the upcoming or newly added comics. You can also make a catalog of your favorite comics on this app. It has also got graphically narrated stories in the forms of pictures known as Manga in China and Japan.

MangaOwl Apk is a free to download application that does not even require much space in your device. The user's interface itself is convenient and interesting.

This app also supports Google fit and you can also set time. MangaOwl does not support any in-app purchases and has a large variety of comics and Manga. This app has inculcated the content from various genres namely horror, funny, adventure, and etc.

The latest version of this app is 1.2.5 that was upgraded in March, 2021. It is downloadable on devices with Android version 4.4 and exceeding. To make the reading procedure safer the users are required to register themselves to get an access to all stories.

It does not support third party involvements in the form of ads so that the users will not get distracted. Moreover, the stories can easily be translated into any language the users prefer.

There are no complicated rules required for its downloading. You can download this app on almost any Android device or Pc. To make it get successfully installed in your device you will need to follow some steps discussed in this article.

MangaOwl Apk Features

Free Installation.

MangaOwl Apk does not require any charges to be paid upon its installation. Users can easily install MangaOwl for free.

User Friendly Interface.

The user interface is so simple itself that the users can easily access their favorite comics on this app. Users can easily search and read their favorite stories. Graphic’s quality makes it easy for them to enjoy Manga.

Diverse Range of Comics.

Apk MangaOwl has a diverse variety of comics and Manga exclusively from horror, funny, and adventure genres.

Security Ensured.

MangaOwl ask the users to register themselves to get an access to all content. In this way the application ensure security of both the stories and the users.

Ads Free Reading.

Third-party interference is not supported by this app. Hence, you will not have to cross the distracting ads every time.

Create Catalogue.

Add your favorite Manga comics to the catalogue list to access them over and over again.

Easy Downloading.

MangaOwl Apk can easily be downloaded with just a single tap on the download bar in this website

No In-App Purchases Required.

Every comic and Manga series in the app is free to read and access. Hence, it does not require any charges to make its purchase.

Download MangaOwl Apk

Enable the unknown source option from the security panel in settings of your phone.

Click the download button in this website.

Store the downloaded application in the file manager.

Install MangaOwl Apk

Allow this app to get downloaded in your device if asked.

Download the application from this website.

Save the downloaded apk in your phone.

Install the stored application.

Open the app and setup an account.


Comics are being read since ages. However, Manga is a type of story that is narrated through pictures. MangaOwl Apk is an smart application that has enabled comic lovers to read interesting comics. It is a free to download application that does not require any subscription charges for reading the comics too. The users will only need to setup their account to get registered for getting an access to entire library. This app does not even support any advertisements and  allow the readers to download it on any device with just a single tap.


Q. What is MangaOwl Apk?

MangaOwl Apk is a digital comic store. It has all genres of comics and Manga series. It allow the users to access all sorts of content by only getting registered through setting up an account. It is a free to download application and you can easily download it by tapping onto the link on this website.

Q. How to download MangaOwl Apk on Android?

Follow these instructions for downloading MangaOwl Apk on Android.


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