Pobreflix Apk

Version v2.0
Android Version Android 4.0.3+
Category Entertainment
Languages English
Developer Leo Tech
98.28% (522 Ratings)



Streaming applications have taken the place of televisions. Now the majority of the people prefer to watch TV shows, movies and series on their smartphones. Almost every streaming app demands a subscription from users which not everyone can afford. If you are looking for a free streaming app where you can enjoy movies in hd quality then you can install Pobreflix apk.

It is a free online streaming platform where users can enjoy unlimited content for free of cost. This application is available to download on play store. You can also install it via our website. This application does not contain any subscription which means that without spending your money, you can easily watch your favorite tv shows and dramas.

What is meant by pobreflix apk

Pobreflix apk is a useful application for those who can't afford paid memberships. This application is very unique because it does not demand money from the users. This application is also light in weight and you don't need large storage space. User interface is impressive and all the features are commendable. This application is the same like Netflix and hbo max but on this platform, you can watch anything for free of cost.


When you download the app, you will see different categories. These categories are K-drama, TV shows, webseries, animated movies etc. These categories are designed so that you can find content easily. On this streaming app, everything is free but if you want to watch movies without any lag then internet speed must be good.

What are the features of pobreflix apk

Unlimited entertainment

On this streaming application thousands of movies and shows are available to entertain you for free.

Download and watch later

Offline download is a prime feature of this application. You can download content so that whenever you will not have good internet access still you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies in your free time.

Different categories

This application has millions of followers and not everyone has the same choices. On this platform there are different categories available for different people. In these categories Korean dramas, movies, Hollywood shows, marvel series and animated series are included.

No subscriptions

One of the most important features of this application is that you can use all the functions without any money. There is no need to register yourself and by subscription packages which means that every single feature of this streaming app is freely accessible.

What's new in pobreflix apk

Regular updates

On this application, users will get updates on a daily basis. It will not be your responsibility to update the app but it will update itself.

Watch trailers

On this streaming app, you can also watch trailers of your favorite movies. Users can also read the reviews on movies and tv shows. It is an interesting feature because you can get ideas by watching trailers of movies and series.

Supports other devices

Here is another brilliant feature of this application that you will love. Now users can also connect this app with their android tv and tablets. You don't need to go to the cinema to watch movies on big screens when you can watch them on your android TVs.

Why get pobreflix apk

On YouTube and even on movie sites, it is not easy to find your favorite movies and that's why users prefer streaming applications where they can watch all types of shows. But the pobreflix apk is the only platform where users can enjoy unlimited entertaining content. That is why this application is popular all over the world.

Method of downloading pobreflix apk

From our website, you can download this app and here are the following steps.

First is to search the apk file of pobreflix apk on Google.

If you want a secure version then from our site, download the apk file.

The last step is to install the application and the file will be available in your file manager's download folder.



If you have read the complete article then you can now compare this app with other paid streaming apps. All the features of this application are the same like other online streaming apps but still pobreflix apk is completely free to use. Without spending money, users can become a free member of unlimited entertainment. Instead of purchasing paid apps, download pobreflix apk and enjoy free streaming anytime.


Q. Can I download movies and shows offline on pobreflix apk?

Yes, this feature is available in this streaming app. You can offline download the shows to watch them later without the internet.

Q. How to remove ads from pobreflix apk?

On this streaming app, no in-app purchases are available which means that ads will show on the screen anytime you open the app. Users can not get rid of ads in this app.


Pobreflix ApkPobreflix ApkPobreflix ApkPobreflix ApkPobreflix Apk