Vizer Tv Apk

Version v3.1.2
Android Version Android 5.0+
Category Entertainment
Languages English / portuguese
Developer Vizer Corporation
98.63% (512 Ratings)



Vizer tv apk enable the audience to watch online movies, seasons and anime content free of cost. Through this app one can easily watch any movie either dubbed or original. Due to the third-party servers, apk vizer has helped in providing with the facility to watch anything on the built-in players without downloading the content as well as on any external video player like vlc and etc.

Vizer tv has a wide range of channels through which you can watch your favorite shows being telecasted regularly for free. Download vizer tv apk to get all sorts of entertaining content without any paid subscriptions.

The interface itself is so convenient that showcases a long list of recently released movies and other shows. Meanwhile if you are interested in anything else, it can be too chosen from the category list.

Apk vizer is only designed for Android platforms and it can function efficiently on any Android smartphone, tablet or any other gadget processed with Android. It can further be connected with your Android smart tv through the Chromecast feature.

Moreover, quality has also been prioritized, everything is available in Hd quality to make the watching experience more enjoyable. Since vizer apk is not available on Google play store, you will need to download it through the downloading link shared through this website. Further details about its downloading and installation procedures are disclosed via this article.


External Video Player.

Through apk vizer the users can watch any sort of content on their external video players like vlc and many more. In this way this app does not bound the audience to keep trying to watch content only in one quality through one platform.

Free of Cost Content.

Vizer tv apk has got content that is free from the paid subscriptions. Watching anything through this app is absolutely free of cost.

No Downloads Required.

Since this app supports external players for viewing anything, the users need not to download anything.

Improved Quality.

Download vizer apk to get your favorite movies, shows and series in supreme and adjustable quality.

Vizer tv apk is available for all Android devices. But with its Chromecast feature one can easily share the screen with Smart Tv.

Multiple Variety.

Apk vizer have got entertaining content from all categories it will make you choose anything from movies, tv shows, drama serials and much more.

Vizer tv give its users an option to either watch anything in original language or enable subtitles for it.

Adjustable Quality

Audience has been given this facility to change the quality as per their preferences. From 380p to Hd the users can adjust it to anywhere in between.


Follow these directions to download vizer tv apk on any Android device.

Allow unknown source acceptance to your device.

Tap onto the download link to download the app.

Save the downloaded app in file manager.


Permit your device to receive an app from unknown platform.

Download the app through this website.

Save the downloaded app in any folder.

Install the saved app.

Open the app.

Play content through external video player or share with Chromecast to watch on tv.


There is a large number of apps offering movies, shows and dramas but they charge heavily for that. Vizer tv apk is for Android devices and smart tvs and it does not charge for anything. It has got adjustable quality options and Chromecast feature to share the screen with tv.


Q. Is Vizer tv available on Google play store?

Vizer tv apk is not available on Google play store. A third-party is required to download it through a link.

Q. How to download vizer tv apk on Android tablet?

Follow these guidelines to download and install vizer tv apk.
1. Permit your device to receive an app from unknown platform.
2. Download the app through this website.
3. Save the downloaded app in any folder.
4. Install the saved app.


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