Pocket FM Mod Apk

Version v6.3.3
Android Version Android 6.0 and up
Category Music and audio
Languages English
Developer Pocket FM.
99.4% (503 Ratings)



Music listening is a hobby which is commonly found in most people. For smartphone users there are multiple music streaming apps available but it is very difficult to find a reliable one. Pocket FM is a very popular music streaming app and it has thousands of positive reviews on the app store which justifies its popularity.

On this app you have all of your favourite artists' music available to listen to and you also have the podcasts and the audio books available as well that you can listen to. This app also has all of the Indian FM radio stations available that you can stream. You can also communicate with the people in the community available on this app to know their interest.

What is meant by Pocket FM APK?

It is the ordinary version of this app that you can use on your mobile without spending a single penny. This is a very amazing app for music lovers because you have the popular songs available on this app to listen to. There are also interesting stories and audio books available that you can listen to as well. Your favourite podcasts will also be available on this app that you can listen to and you can stream the various FM radio stations of India with this app.

What are the best features of Pocket FM Mod APK?

Enjoy listening different music

In this app there is music of every genre available for you to listen to. You can find the playlist of your favourite artist as well on this app and you can listen to their biggest hits.

Different audiobooks available

There are many people who like to listen to different audiobooks. It is a great way because you do not have to read the books and you can listen to them directly. In this app you have many popular audiobooks available that you can listen to.

Many stories

There is also the separate stories section available in the app. In this section you can find many of the interesting stories of different categories like Horror, Romantic funny and more.

Podcasts available

People also like to listen to the podcast and you can find almost all the popular podcasts available on this app that you can listen to. New episodes of  podcasts are added everyday in the app.

Audio player

This app has an advanced audio player available that allows you to listen to your songs, audiobooks and podcasts on this app. There are various customization options available in this audio player to make the experience more satisfying.

Music community

There is a whole music community available on this app that you can join and can find the interest of the other people. You can even share your own interest in this community to get feedback.

English speaking courses

Right now it is almost necessary that everyone in the world should know how to speak English because it has become a global language. To improve your English speaking skills there are many different English courses available in this app.

Indian FM stations available

In this app you have all the FM radio stations of India available and you can stream them to listen to your favourite content.

Many categories

You have almost all the categories available in this app in which you can listen to the music. There are also the various categories of the stories and audiobooks and you can apply filters to find the things you are looking for.

Free to use

This app is available for totally free which is one of the major reasons why it is very popular. It provides you access to many of the amazing features for free which makes it a very amazing option.

What's New in the Pocket FM Mod APK?

Premium features available

In the ordinary version of this app there are some premium features available that you cannot have access to because they are restricted. This modified version of the app provides you free access to the premium features available in this app.

Exclusive content unlocked

This app contains a lot of exclusive content for which you need to spend money in the ordinary version. This modified version of the app has exclusive content available in the app unlocked already without spending money.

High security

There is no compromise with the security in this modified version of the app. This version makes sure that you will get a high security while using it.

Free of ads

Almost every app contains ads. It is important for the apps as well because that's how they get the sponsors and money. This app also contains many sponsorship ads which are not satisfying for the users and for that this modified version is free of ads.

Why Pocket FM Mod APK?

This is a modified version of the app which is available to download for free on this website. This version is completely free and you have access to all the premium features in this app with this version. There is also all the exclusive content available in this app unlocked and you can watch it. The annoying sponsorship ads that keep popping up on your mobile screen in the ordinary version are also not there in this version because it is free of ads.


For the people who like to stream the different FM radio stations on their mobile would definitely give a try to this app. This is a very good music streaming app which comes with various features like it has interesting stories available for you to listen to. Audiobooks and podcasts are also available in this app. It comes with a built-in advanced music player which provides further customizations.


Q. Are there stories available in the Pocket FM Mod APK?

Yes, there are also many interesting stories available in Pocket FM Mod APK.

Q. Is Pocket FM Mod APK safe?

Yes, Pocket FM Mod APK is a completely safe version of the app to use on a mobile device.


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