Clone Apk

Version v1.4.1
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Personalization
Languages English / Indonesian
Developer Arty Product
98.46% (521 Ratings)



Clone Apk application works as an alternative space for Android. It is an emerging application among the Android users to get a clone of any app they want. Through apk Clone application one can get a cloned version of any social networking, multimedia, and gaming applications.

It is an amazing option that enables the users to have two accounts on a single app and use them both simultaneously. Clone Apk is a thriving application as it allow the user to have a duplicate of multiple social apps and operate them via same phone. It has made life easier for the ones who had to switch phones to have professional and personal WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social account.

Apk clone is an absolutely free to use app for getting an exact duplicate of any other app. One can easily choose any theme or icon as per his preference for customization. Privacy is equally taken care about and Clone Apk also gives you a personal space to keep apps private.

Wade down this article to get to know further about the download procedure, features, and much more about the Clone Apk app.

Clone Apk Features

Free to Download

Clone Apk does not require any subscription or installation charges to be paid by the users. Furthermore, it allows you to clone any app and sign in to it for free.

Easy User-Interface

Clone Apk has a convenient to function user-interface. One can simply clone the app and customize the theme and color for that app. The sign up process is the same as in the original apps.

Secure and Safe

Clone Apk ensure safety and security of its users. By using the safest VPN, it assures the privacy of one's personal data and save their account from getting banned.

Provides Personal Space

Apk Clone app is beneficial for those who want to handle their social life for multiple purposes. It enables the users to have their own personal and professional at a single device.

Makes Account Management Convenient

There are many social sites that does not allow you to have two accounts simultaneously. Clone apk has made it easier to manage as many accounts as you want without keeping a different device for each.

Customizing Options

Clone Apk app provide the users with interesting options like creative stickers and app color changing options. You can choose any mode from blue, black, gold, etc. for any app.

Download Clone Apk

⦁ Use the link available on our website to download this application.
⦁ To get it on your device, enable the unknown source option.
⦁ Save the downloaded file in any accessible folder of your device.

Install Clone Apk

⦁ Click the download to get Clone Apk on your device.
⦁ Allow the app to get downloaded if asked.
⦁ Save the downloaded file in any folder of your device.
⦁ Install the application and open it.
⦁ Clone any app that you want sign in to it with desired account.


People now a days are managing two accounts to deal with their professional and personal activities. However, it is not easy to carry multiple devices just for the sake of being active on all accounts. Clone Apk application has fulfilled the dire need of the majority by its incomparable features. This app makes it easier to handle multiple accounts on the same app. Apk clone is absolutely safe and free to download in any device you want.


Q. Is Clone Apk app safe?

Clone Apk use the safest VPN to maintain the privacy of its users. Users can set passwords to keep their data secure. Through the safety being ensured there is unlikely to be the chance of any account on this app being banned.

Q. How to Install Clone Apk on an Android Device?

Follow these steps to get Clone Apk on your Android device.
Visit our webpage and click the download link.
Permit your device to accept this app, if asked.
Save the downloaded Clone Apk at any easy to access location of your device.
Install the app and launch it.
Clone any app you want and login to it with your account.


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