FB Lite Apk

Version v309.
Android Version 4.4 & up
Category Social
Languages English
Developer Meta Platforms, Inc.
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FB lite Apk is the lite version of Facebook which consumes less space, has faster feed browsing, runs well on a relatively weak internet connection, consumes less internet data as compared to the official Facebook app, and brings all the features offered by the official version as well as a built-in messenger which is not included in the official version of Facebook rather you have to install a separate app namely Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is the world’s No-1 socializing platform that connects the whole world with a useful amount of almost 3 billion. These are really serious numbers, and for every smartphone, laptop PC it is a must-have app these days. But with the passage of time, the addition of awesome features to facebook increased the weight of Facebook's official version which makes it a lot difficult to run this app, especially for low-end smart devices which have very limited RAM & ROM.

FB lite version is designed for keeping in view the need of those low-end devices and for those areas of the world which do not have 4G or another lightning-speed internet to run the official version. As this lite version enables the users to connect to the world with access to all the features of the Facebook official version as well as additional features of its own. All this makes it a popular title among the users of low-end as well as high-end Android and other sorts of devices.

Features of FB Lite Apk

Fb lite is the lightest version of the world's best socializing platform and one can expect & find the best features in it. In addition to all the official version features, this app also has plenty more to offer for the users. Let’s find out together.

All features of Facebook

Users get into the app via their Facebook account through their ID and password. After entering into their Facebook account via this app, user not just find all their Facebook data but also all those features that they used to enjoy on the official version.Users can find all the news feeds from their Facebook friends and Facebook pages that they follow, they can find new friends & friends requests, all the notifications to keep them up to date, and can watch videos in the video section, market places, groups, saved videos, ca share posts, can like and comment to a different post, can perform all those security & privacy-related activities to keep their account private & secure, can go live to stream live, can share locations, create room and all other features that they enjoyed in the official version.

Lite is Lightest in Weight

As the app name suggests, it is the lightest app you would have ever used just consuming less than 2 MB of your device storage which makes it a lot easier for low-storage devices to connect with the world via Facebook via this lite app while maintaining their device storage. Moreover, the storage consumed by the storage data of this app is very small in weight.

Faster Browsing

Though the app is small in size but contains a very powerful browser that allows running all the features very smoothly and at a faster pace. Browse News feed browsing, video streaming, live streaming, chat, short stories and much more at an enhanced pace as compared to the official Facebook app.

 Luxury to run on a Weak Internet Connection

To use the heavy-weight official version of the Facebook one must require a strong internet connection e.g Wifi, 5G, 4G or at least a 3G connection. While a lite user can easily run all facebook features with this app on a much weaker internet connection of 2G.

 Buffering Free videos & Online Streaming

Though the app is smaller in weight, consumes fewer data, and runs on a weak internet but it doesn't mean that it could not fulfill your streaming desire. You can experience a buffering-free video watching experience as well as online or live streaming. You can also go live to broadcast your own live streaming.

Built-in Messenger

Now, this is the feature which you can’t find in the official Facebook app, for messaging with your Facebook you have to install an additional app ‘ Facebook Messenger’. You have to log in with your Facebook ID on this messenger app to get connected with your FB friends.While with the lite version you don’t have to install any additional messenger app & login into it. Because the lite version brings a built-in messenger which directly connects you to your FB friends directly. You can privately send text messages, voice, videos, photos, links and much more.The only feature missing in this lite version is video calling. With the official messenger app of Facebook, you can make and receive video calls from your FB friends but here the video calling feature is missing which is the only drawback of the app. But to cope with this problem one can use messenger lite which is another small-sized version of official Facebook messenger that enables the low-end devices to make video calls and all other messenger features with consuming less than 2 MB

High Content Quality

Despite consuming a small portion of your device storage and internet data, the app maintains the quality of the content at a very high as the app won’t reduce the image or video quality. Hence you can enjoy your Facebook images & videos in high quality using reduce device space and itinerant data.

Free to Use

The app only requires an internet connection to run and nothing else. In case you don’t have Internet MBs, still, the app allows you to use some features without internet MBs. You just have to open the app, it will automatically switch to free mode. But in free mode, you are not allowed to watch videos and photos posted. But still with the free mode you can text your friends, can search for anything, can like or comment, and much more even if you have 0 MB data balance

Download & Install

The app is very easy to grab, just click on the download button and get the file instantly as the app size is less than 2 MBs and only will take a few seconds to download.After downloading the app, go to the security section of your device setting to allow the installation of this app from this unknown source. After allowing the permission, just simply locate & open the file and complete the installation process by clicking on the install option popped up by the apk file. Now login to your FB account in FB lite App and you are all set to get going.


This an era where the Internet socialises the whole world, and among different socializing apps & platforms, Facebook sits atop. Facebook users, especially with low-end devices often face a problem with storage due to the heavy size of the official Facebook app and users of such areas where there is not a good supply of high-speed internet are also unable to use Facebook due to internet problems.This FB lite apk is designed to solve those storage & weak internet connection problems. As the app comes with the ability to work smoothly on a weaker internet connection of 2G consuming less than 2 MB of the device storage. Moreover, the app brings all the FB features & additional features with consuming very little portion of the Internet data plan. All these amazing stints & characteristics make it a perfect grab for the users to enchant the social world.  


Q. How to save images from FB lite?

Simply long-press the image or click on the three-dot option in the top right corner of the image to get a save option for saving images from this app to your gallery.

Q. Is the app available on the Play store for an update?

Yes, users can download as well as can update their FB lite App from Google Play Store.


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