GB Instagram Apk

Version v1.0
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Social
Languages English
Developer Rex Media Technology
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GB Instagram is a rejigged and advanced version of the world’s top-rated social networking platform ‘Instagram’. In addition to all the basic features of official Insta, it has an unending list of additional & unique features. Download images & videos, copy bio or caption, view stories of others without showing your presence in the view list, customize in-app themes and layouts and plenty of more features with this excellently advanced version of Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most loved social media platforms having billion of users all across the globe. Despite being so popular, this platform still has some restrictions to maintain the user's privacy & data security. 

For example, it does not allow the users to download or purview images, videos or posts of others, it does not allow to copy any text or image, it does not allow any external video player to watch Insta videos, here you can’t open or watch other’s profile picture or video and plenty of more such restrictions.

How will be your Insta experience if all those restrictions are removed only for you?. Let’s find out with this GB version of Insta which just not remove all those restrictions but also bless you with many more astonishing features. So what this GB version offers to you, let's find it together in this article.

Features of GB Instagram Apk

This is going to be really interesting that there is a huge amount of features offered by this app which are not too easy to wrap up in this article but I’ll try my level best to cover all those features hopefully, let’s start them.

Save & Download Whatever You Want

Every Insta user always wishes to download videos & images posted by his favorite Instagrammers but could not do so as Insta does not allow to do so. But now it's time to save all those favorite images, videos, and posts on your device without any restrictions. The best part of the feature is that the users whose content you are grabbing into your device won’t be notified about that.

Preview & Zoom

This version of Insta allows you to open & purview different images & videos which you were unable to do on official Instagram. You are not just allowed to open but also can zoom in or out any image or video to have a closer look at it.

Don’t Show Your Online Presence

In Insta official your friends can always check that you are online or offline. But this app enables you to hide your online presence. Every time you are online, no one could know that you are online on Insta until you text them or make any reaction or comment on someone’s post. 

Manage Two Accounts at Once

The official version only allows running a single Insta account on one device. To use a second account, you have to log out of the first one. But this app allows you to run two different Insta accounts at once without logging out any of two. So enjoy unlimited features of the GB version on two Insta accounts together on a single device.

Copy or Past Text

Usually, you are not allowed to copy any text from a post caption or anyone’s bio but here is the GB version to enable you to copy any text from the caption, post, bio, or comment as well as paste any copied text wherever you want on Insta.

View Other’s Insta Story without Showing Your Presence

Insta stories are very popular among Insta users. Whenever you watch anyone’s Insta story, it is shown in their story view list that you have shown their story. But this awesome app allows you to watch others’ stories without letting them know that you have shown them.

Advanced Message Reading

Usually, when you read a direct text from your Insta friend, the message is marked as read to your friend. But this app allows you to read messages without marking them read.

External Video Player to Watch Insta Videos

Usually, you have to watch all the videos on Insta with a built-in media player that does not allow you to open, pause or reverse/forward a video. But this app engages an external media player to watch Insta videos and you are allowed to pause, reverse, or forward a video.

Built-In Language Translator

If you have a foreign friend on Instagram but failed to communicate with him/her due to a different language, then this app also has a solution to this problem as the app comes with a built-in translator which can translate your text instantly into a number of available languages of the world.

Interface Customization

The app won’t let you bored with a single theme. This app allows you to customize themes for your Insta interface. You can choose a theme and interface color of your own choice for your Instagram account.

Mark Any Important Content

If you liked any image, video, comment or caption you can put a mark to highlight its importance whenever you see it again.


This app is compatible only with Android devices with 4.1 or higher versions.

Privacy & Security

This app works staying within privacy limitations defined by Insta and does not breach any privacy policy regarding Insta or users. Hence it does not cause any risk to your Insta account. Moreover, it does not include any third party or security hazards, hence it is completely safe for your device.

Free of Cost

The app does not cost a penny at all to its users either for installing it or using it.

Download & Install

If you are sucked off by the same features of Instagram and willing to move towards extraordinary features of the GB version then click the linked download button now to get apk file of the GB version. The file size for this app is around about 40 MBs which maximally may take 2-5 minutes for download depending upon the connection strength of your internet.Now open the main setting menu if you have completed the download. In the setting menu, find & open the security tab and turn on installation permission for unknown sources. Now go back to downloads and open the downloaded file for GB Instagram. Click on the install button to complete the installation. 


As an Instagrammer, everyone will love to expand his experience by overcome all the restriction implied by Insta to the users. If you are an Insta user and willing to experience some extraordinary GB features then switch to this app now to eradicate all Insta restrictions without breaking any privacy or security rule of Instagram.This GB Instagram Apk fires all the restrictions and allows the users to download images, videos, etc, copy or paste any sort of text, hide online presence, an online language translator, customizable interface, permission to use external video player for Insta videos and luxury to run two Instagram account at a time.


Q. Is there any risk of account ban with this app?

Anti-ban feature of the app eradicates all risks of account ban.

Q. Does this app charge real money for GB features?

No, you don’t have to pay for any GB feature.


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