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Version v2.6.1
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Social
Languages English
Developer Chikii game
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Chikki is a gaming app that provides a gaming platform to play all your favourite PC games on mobile. This app helps you to play your desired PC gaming title anywhere, anytime, anyplace and with anyone without requiring those costly gaming laptops or PC.

So don’t get stuck in front of your PC or gaming laptop at home and enjoy unlimited PC gaming fun on your mobile with this gaming app.

PC games are always fun to enjoy because PC games are constructed on the base of quality, with extreme quality graphics and very engaging gameplay. Everyone loves to enjoy those games when they are free. But no one has a PC with him all the time also no one has enough spare time to be at home to enjoy gaming on a PC.

In this scenario, an app that brings all your PC gaming adventure to a mobile screen for free is a lot more worthy. This app allows you to enjoy different PC, emulators, ppsspp, steam games, epic games and many other games exclusively on your smartphone screen. So switch to this app to enter the non-stop gaming adventure.

 Features of Chikii Apk

This app has quite an amount of state-of-the-art features that enable this app to bring all the PC gaming adventures, ppsspp, steam games, battling arena and all other consoles & PlayStation games on a mobile phone screen.  Let's check out the features offered by this app.

Non-Stop Gaming Entertainment on Mobile phone

Usually one requires a gaming laptop, compatible PC, gaming consoles and a lot more expensive gaming gadgets and accessories to play games. If you are one of those who are wasting a lot of money on their gaming hunger, then this app will assist you to get rid of all those gaming expenses.

Because this app brings unstoppable gaming adventure for free on your mobile without requiring gaming consoles, gaming laptops, PC or any other gaming accessory. So switch to get rid of all those costly stuff and switch to the unending joy of gaming on your mobile with this app.

Join Gamers Groups

Don’t feel all alone on this app, because there are plenty of gaming buddies waiting for you. There is plenty of gamers group on this app. You can join different game users group to enjoy the gaming adventure with them.

Play Anywhere Anytime

In contrast to traditional console, PC, or Playstation gaming, you don’t have to stick on one place in front of your gaming screen, because here you can enjoy all your favourite gaming titles anywhere anytime on your mobile screen without any other assistance. All you need is an internet connection to enter the fun zone of unlimited gaming to enjoy anywhere anytime.

 All your Favorite Games at One Place

Playing games on mobile, you would be thinking of some ordinary boring games, if you are thinking so, then this app will prove your thinking wrong with a plethora of world-class gaming titles.You are going to get gaming titiles of global fame including GTA 5 & other GTA titles, Witcher gaming series, Jump Force, Naturo Storm 4 & other Naturo Storm titles, Just Cause3, Absolution, NBA 2k19 to NBA 2k23, FIFA 19, Hitman, Dead by Daylight and all other globally popular games.

Easy to Play Games

Playing games on mobile is a bit tricky & tough as compared to those luxury controls that you love to use on PlayStation, gaming laptop or PC. But still, this app assists the user to make the gaming a bit easier as it allows you to use the handle as well as a keyboard to run & play different games.

Never Lose Your Game Progress

This is the feature which every gaming lover loves to enjoy because players struggle a lot to progress in the game and it looks pretty odd that you lost all of your game progress.But not with this app, as this app incloses an ‘archive’ option that let you resume the game where you left it last time so that you don’t lose your game progress even if your app is optimized by a call or any other urgent task.

Fully Configurated Gaming App

This app includes a by-default button to ensure the configuration of all your favourite games included in the app.

 Free of Cost

Enjoy free unlimited non-stop gaming on your mobile phone with the Chikii app as this app is free to download from this page.


This app is compatible only with android devices and you can’t use it on an iOS device.

Download & Installation

As this app is not available on the play store or Apple Store, you have to download this app from this site. Just make tap on the download button included in the article to initiate the download. It will hardly take a minute to download as the size of the Apk file is not too large.

After downloading the app file, launch your main device setting and go to the security tab. Here find & turn on the ‘unknown source permission’ toggle. After allowing permission, go to the download menu and open the downloaded file to complete the installation with a simple tap on the install option enclosed by this file.


If you are a console gaming lover or love to enjoy games on PC & PlayStation and have been spending a lot of real money to fulfil your gaming appetite then this app is developed for you.

Because this Chikii app provides you with all your PC, console & Playstation gaming joy on your mobile screen with all your favourite games as well as other globally popular gaming titles. So grab the app now and switch to an unstoppable free-of-cost PC gaming adventure on your mobile screen.




Q. Is this app safe for android devices?

This app does not contain viruses or any other sort of harmful content. Hence, it is completely safe for your mobile.

Q. Can I use this app on a PC?

No, this is an android app and can’t be used on a PC.


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