Tinychat APK

Version 6.2.17
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Social
Languages English
Developer Tinychat
99.81% (523 Ratings)



Tinychat is a video chatting platform that is connecting people from around the world. This is the most recent version of this app for Group Video Chat. With the features Chat and Meet new people, etc., this app falls within the social category. 200 Android apps are similar to it - Group Video Chat, which you can check out along with all of the developer's other apps. This app

This software is now free. On Google Play, Android 4.1+ users can get this app. On this site, all APK files are 100% secure, original downloads that are quick. On this app, you can engage in captivating video chat sessions with fantastic group partners. Visit this random Chat website to engage in instant messaging, audio chat, and video chat with random strangers from across the world.

Tinychat.com, a very well-liked website for video chat, offers group video chat. Join your pals in a group video chat or make new ones and speak in person. With 12 live cameras per room and limitless spectators, this app makes it simple. The app's music and video content may include objectionable material. A free app with no internal purchases is the price. Free

Attractive Features of this App

This app distinguishes itself from all other random chat rooms with a variety of special features. Numerous thousands of individuals continue to use our site because of these characteristics. So why are you still waiting? Just navigate using these features.

User Interface

Its user interface is highly straightforward and intuitive. Its user interface is tidy but fresh, and the navigation is superb. For teenagers and children, it has a very aesthetically pleasing appearance. Several aspects make it a fun and engaging way to communicate.


There are little screens with the online people at the center when you enter a specific group. By selecting the large green button next to "Start Broadcast," you can participate in the chat. When you click that option, the broadcast will begin as soon as you grant access to the webcam and microphone.

If you have not subscribed to the premium service, you cannot see the little displays in their entirety.

In-streaming customizing features

Any user's voice and live streaming video can be muted by clicking on their little screen. If you have a premium account, you can also turn a person's little screen into a fullscreen. Additionally, you have the option to browse his profile, send him gifs, ignore or follow him, as well as a report, or private message him.

Online Chat Groups

A list of the online group members may be found on the left side of the screen. There are several indicators next to their names that indicate if they have begun broadcasting or are online.

Chat Window

You can send text messages and view other people's messages in the chat window on the right side of the screen.

Customizable group & Private Setting

Additionally, you can modify a group's settings to allow or ban private chats, YouTube video playback, notification sounds, and dark mode.

Invite Buddies to Chat With them

You can also invite anyone to join the group by sending them the URL. If you want to chat in that group in the future, you may also follow it.  In the group, you can also exchange presents and purchase coins.

Cool Points

You earn "cool points" whenever you send or receive virtual gifts. Your standing among the other players will improve the more "Cool points" you have. According to the user's current points, a "Cool Icon" is displayed right next to his username. You will appear at the top of the live directory if you have more points.

Promote your room

Your chat rooms will be displayed at the top of the live directory if you promote a room. People can simply find you to communicate with when you advertise your room.

You must spend 200 coins to advertise your room.

You will have those coins if you are an Extreme or Gold member because these membership levels receive 2,000 coins each month.

You must purchase these coins whether you are a pro member or a normal member.

Virtual Gift Store

On chatting app, there is a virtual gift shop where you may purchase a variety of appealing virtual gifts for yourself or to send to others.

These digital presents can be purchased with real money, Tiny Chat coins, or Cool points. As you receive more presents, your social standing will rise, and there is a unique section of the live directory that has the most virtual gifts.

On this online store, membership status is even for sale.

 Live Video

The list of live video chat rooms available to you is called the Live Directory. Your position will increase on the live directory in exact proportion to your membership status.

Quality of Audience

Every time you visit the site, there are tens of thousands of users online. The majority of users on this app are between the ages of 18 and 40. It implies that you will have access to a large number of attractive young individuals to date and have fun with.


Free and paid services are offered by this app.

  • No-Cost Services
  • It costs nothing to register.
  • In a group chat, you can join any group.
  • People are followable.
  • You can communicate privately.

Safety and Privacy

 Some of your information is collected by the website, but don't be concerned—according to this app, your information is safe and won't be shared with anyone. This app has a medium to a high level of security.

Install & Download

This website offers a one-click download of the app. You must enable installation from unknown sources on your device before downloading from this page.


In short, this app is a fantastic free video speak room that offers you a tone of high-quality video rooms to chat in and also lets you make your video chat room and invite others to join you there.

On this app, the signup process takes 30 seconds. It has a very nice and youth-oriented interface. By purchasing coins to buy virtual presents and advertising your room to attract people, you may also enhance your talking experience.



Q. Is registration required to chat on Tiny Chat?

No, you do not need to register on the website to start chatting as a guest user.

Q. This website is legal?

Yes, as of right now, this app is a fully legal website. You won't run into any legal problems, but you should understand the laws in your nation about the use of websites of this nature.


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