Live Football TV APK

Version v2.0.7
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Sport apps
Languages English / Russian
Developer 2K, Inc.
91.91% (643 Ratings)



Live Football TV APK is a great application for all the football lovers. Are you a big football fan? If you are one of the biggest football fans in the world, you won't want to miss any of the updates. There are several teams and so many football matches every day happening which people want to watch.

This application is all what a football fan wants. It is a very unique and amazing application which contains thousands of live football matches of different football teams. You can watch those matches without missing any of them.

It is a free application which plays the live matches of many countries. You can download it from the Google play store if you are an Android user. The brilliant series, unique 3D graphics and quality, as well as its user interface all are very friendly for the users.

There are many good features of this application which can attract a lot of football lovers. Here we go with a list of a few features that people love in this application known as live football tv apk.



The first and best part of this application is that it is available for free. Unlike some other games, the charges are zero so all the football fans could download and watch live matches for free. There won't be any trouble faced while using this application because it has no in app purchases.

Easily available

This application is also available very easily on the Google play store. This availability is the most convenient for the Android smartphones or tablets users. They won't have to search it randomly instead, they can download it on Google play store.

Safe to download

This application is also very safe and secured to download. It does not contain any security threats to affect the security of your Android devices. This application was developed while keeping in view all the security requirements which is why you can easily download it without worrying about the virus.

3D graphics

The 3D graphics of live football tv apk are too brilliant. They make the display look original and you will experience watching a real football match in front of your eyes. Such good quality graphics will always impress the viewers because they actually want something good to experience when it comes to the football matches.

Football Series

There are several football series which you can stream in. These series are Coppa Italia, UEFA champions league, Ligue 1, UEFA Europa league, UEFA Euro, Bundesliga, Copa Del Ray, FA Cup, English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, and so many others. You will watch your favorite football players such as Ronaldo, Messi, Beckham and so many more.

User friendly interface

The interface of this application is quite user interface to ensure the best and easy experience of the users.


Q. Is Live Football TV APK an online application?

Yes, the Live Football TV APK is an online application for which you will have to have a good internet connection for watching football matches.


Live Football TV APKLive Football TV APKLive Football TV APKLive Football TV APK