DiskDigger Pro Apk

Version v1.0-pro-2023-04-11
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Defiant Technologies, LLC
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DiskDigger Pro Apk is an app that helps you to recover your lost files if you don’t have any backup either in device storage or in any cloud storage. So if you have lost your files, you can recover them back irrespective of their size or file type.

As this app assists to recover photos, music, videos, documents, and all other file formats irrespective of their size.These days everyone uses a mobile tablet for personal use and keeps a large number of photos, videos and much more on these devices.

But most of the time you lost your device data because it is deleted accidentally or you have to reset your mobile but you did not set up a backup for your data. In this case, the user data is lost permanently for him.But now you have this amazing app which assists to recover all your lost data easily without harming the quality of content enclosed by your files.

So just open the app, scan your device with the powerful files scanner of this app which will scan and find all the data deleted via your device instantly, select multiple files that you wish to recover and tap the recover/download button to get them back into your device.But one thing to remember is that this app is only designed for some sorts of android devices only.

All the iOS devices and some high version modern android devices have a recycle bin like a PC where your lost files are kept as trash and can be recovered easily. Moreover, iOS devices have an auto-backup on i-Clouds. Hence the devices that don’t have any auto-backup or recycle bin feature badly require this DiskDigger pro app to recover their files.

 Features of DiskDigger Apk

This file scanning and recovering app have a lot of features to make this tough & tricky file recovery process look so easy. Let’s find out its standout features together.

 Powerful Scanner

The first step of the recovery process for every file recovering app is to scan the device system to find lost files. Most of the file recovery apps limit you to photos and video recovery only or they failed to scan all your files deleted from the device.But thanks to the powerful scanner of the app, you can scan and recover all your lost files because it digs deep into your storage disks and brings all files of all types in front of you. This powerful scanner can even scan those files that have been deleted from the device even a few years ago.

 Multiple File Types & Formats

In contrast to other file recovery apps for androids, this app does not restrict the users to a defined file type, rather it allows them to recover almost all types of files including videos, audio, music, documents, zip files etc.This app not just recovers different types of files but also different formats for each file type. The file format for different file types which can be recovered with this app includes ODT, ODG, APK, ODS, OGG, ODP, XPS, SNB, RAR, EPUB, VCF, OPUS, OBML16, OGV, PNG, JPG, PEF, NEF, SR2, CR2, DCR, ORF, DNG, XLS, DOC, PPT, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, PDF, 3GP, MOV, MP3, MP4, M4A, GIF, AMR, HEIF, TIF, WAV.

 Narrow Down Your Scanned Search with Filters

Once you initiate scanning, the powerful in-app scanner scans all the files and brings them in front of you. Now it is too difficult to go through all the files to recover your desired files. In this regard, the search filters of this app are very assistive as these filters helps you to narrow down your search to find & recover desired files more conveniently. You can use different sorts of filters for your search including, date, name, size, file type etc.

 Manage Your Storage Space

This multi-feature app is lot more than a simple file recovery app. Among its astonishing features, it is one of features that it also assists to manage device space. While you scan your system with this app, it also finds all caches & thumbnails. These caches & thumbnail are unnecessary and of those files that are deleted. But these still exist in your device. You can delete/clear all thumbnails & caches to free up some space of your device.

 Wipe Free Space Option

If you delete your files to get rid of them completely but due to some potential file backups your deleted file still remains in the system and consume space, then use the wipe free space feature of the app. This feature overcomes all potential backups & makes sure that you get rid of a file completely whenever you delete it. This assists a lot in freeing up a lot of space of your device storage. 

 Files Backup

You can set up a backup for files that you scanned and are willing to recover. This app allows you a dual backup options i.e. online drives for backups and local drives for backups. If you have free space on your device storage then recover them in local storage and if you don’t have enough free space then save them directly in Google Drive, Dropbox, and other online drives. You can share those files directly via email or message. Moreover, this app also allows to save files on FTP server of you owning one. 

 Free to Dig

Dig deep & recover all your files with this app for free. Moreover, all the services & features of this app are completely free of cost for the users.


This app is only designed for android apps as the iOS and other devices have auto-backup feature and recycle bin from where one can easily restore his deleted files.

 Download & Install

Click on download button now to start download process. The file size is small and won’t take long for download. After downloading the app, open it & complete installation. If your device unknown source installation is turned off then turn it on from device setting before opening & installing the file.


If you are an android user and have lost your files from android device accidently, then recover your files with this amazing DiskDigger app which not just scan completely all your lost file but also provide plenty of more features.The app’s search filters allows you to narrow down scan results to find desired lost file easily. The app allows the user to recover all types & formats of file irrespective of their size. The app also assists in managing device space by clearing caches & thumbnails as well as allows you to save your file recoveries in Google & other online drives.


Q. Does DiskDigger come with any in-app purchases?

No, all the features of the app are free and you don’t have to purchase any feature or service.

Q. Can I find this pro version on Google Play Store?

DiskDigger is available on Playstore but only with simple version. If you wanna grab this pro version you can easily grab it from this page.


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