Meu Vivo Movel Apk

Version v12.1.23
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English / portuguese
Developer VIVO S.A.
98.48% (525 Ratings)



Meu vivo movel apk is a Brazilian application that is much helpful for the vivo users. This app being offered by one of the top trending telecommunication services is for the management of the anything you want.

Baixar meu vivo movel apk helps vivo users to access their vivo accounts and utilize them anywhere they prefer. It also manages the usage of data by your phone as well the remaining balance and updates the users regarding it. With apk meu vivo movel it has become easier to share anything like contacts, photos, documents and etc.

with people who installed this same app. It will also help in the retrieval of contacts in case you have changed the mobile set. The discover tab in this app enable the users to explore recent services and it also suggests newly launched vivo products.

The upload and downloading speed tests are also performed by this app for the investigation of mobile’s wideband services and their functionality. Meu vivo app examines the internet connection also including its speed and consumption by your device.

Users can easily pay their bills and recharge online too using this app as well as it can also provide you with the top up history. Vivo Valoriza is another feature of this app through which you can gain some extra benefits by claiming multiple rewards and bonuses.

Provide text or voice commands to the Vivo assistant to ask questions or for guidance. Meu vivo movel download procedure itself is so convenient and free of cost.


Manage your Account.

With meu vivo movel the vivo users can easily manage their account. They can register for debit and a digital account. Users will receive confirmation of this account via their emails.

Pay Bills Easily.

Pay bills with just one tap and also top up your phone’s credit. It also helps you manage the amount remaining and you can also recharge the amount automatically easily.

Vivo Virtual Assistant.

Provide commands via text or voice to the vivo assistant and asl about anything. It will serve with the information you want and will also help the users if required any.

Mobile Internet and Data Management.

Apk meu vivo movels scan the internet speed and provide with a detailed description about the consumed data. It also informs about the outstanding credit so you can recharge more.

Discover Tab

Discover tab is a newly added feature that updates you about the recently launched Vivo products. It also let the users explore upcoming and already available latest plans and promotions.

Limitless Sharing

Share anything including document, pictures, audio and video files without any limits imposed. This option makes it easier to share data with those mates using vivo devices and services.

Recover Contacts

In case you have changed your device, my vivo app will help in recovery of the lost contacts. Moreover, it will also help in the retrieval of your important information.

Vivo Valoriza

Download meu vivo movel apk to get this amazing feature. The users of this can easily claim multiple rewards and bonuses through this feature.


Go to settings option and turn on the unknown source’s trigger in the security panel.

Click the download bar on this website to start downloading apk.

Choose any folder from file manager to store the file into.


Permit the device to accept this download.

Tap the download button.

Save the downloaded apk in any folder of your device.

Open the downloaded file and install it.

Launch the app and setup your account.


Meu Vivo Movel APK has been created for the purpose of serving vivo users as a personal assistant. It enables the users to setup automatic debit and a digital account, keeps record of the data consumption and helps in urgent recharge. Meu vivo movel is also free to download that makes it more convenient for the users.


Q. What is meu vivo movel apk?

Meu Vivo Movel apk is a managing app for the Vivo users. It helps in the management of anything you want. It tests the internet speed, consumption of data and reports about the remaining data and credit. With its help the users can setup an online account as well as debit.

Q. How to download Meu Vivo Movel APK on Android?

Follow the following instructions.
1. Go to settings option and turn on the unknown source option.
2. Click the download bar on this website.
3. Choose any folder to store the file into.
4. Open the downloaded file and install it.
5. Launch the app and setup your account.


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