Ace Fighter Apk

Version v2.64
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Action Games Az
97.06% (544 Ratings)



Most people love to kill their free time by gaming. If you also belong to the game’s planet and love to play arcade, action & thriller games then it will be great fun to add this game to your game’s stock.

Ace fighter Apk is a game fully packed with action & adventure. Control a high-speed fighter jet and conquer the aerial battleground. This game involves a battle of air jets and warplanes in which you have to lock horns with many of the other players. The player who kills more opponents stands atop and is declared a winner.

Your jet is auto accelerated and you have to only control the directions of the jet by just simply scrolling your fingers in different directions on your mobile screen to give your jet different directions to cope with your opponents. The Control panel further includes buttons to shoot opponents, increase your jet speed, and change camera directions and view.

You can play alone offline in single-player mode or can multiply your joy in online multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you share the battleground with real-time players from all around. You can play this game with your actual friends in online mode by adding them to the game.

Features of this Ace Fighter Apk

Realistic Battle Experience

As you watch movies made on airforces or other scripts which include fights & flights of aircraft, those fighter planes scrambling at a bullet speed give a feeling inches close to real fights. Similar to movie scenes, This game also gives a very close feeling of the real fight as it is being fought in real life. Precise aiming and shooting enhance this real fight feeling. Your aiming and shooting will be more precise and perfect if you pass more closely to the opponent's jet to target it.

This game also gives a facility of the directional tutorial if you are a newbie to this game. You can use this feature which indicates the directions to locate, find and shoot the opponent. You can turn on or off this feature according to your convenience.

Circles or made when you aim to target an aircraft of an enemy, as you see in most movies when someone targets others via snipper rifle or aircraft. This also enhances the battle experience and gives a real battle feeling.

Multiple Gameplay Modes

This game allows the users to play in offline single-player mode as well as an online multiplayer mode. If you are new to this game then learn the gameplay in single-player mode and then show your skills to battle with real-time opponents in online multiplayer game mode.

Quality and Quantity of Weapons

Weapons equipment and use also give an immersed feeling to the players. Players can’t waste their weapons by shooting randomly without precise aiming.

 Your jet is equipped with three different kinds of weapons. Each of which will have a different quantity and cooling time. You can’t shoot continuously with one weapon as each weapon requires some time to cool down.

You have to use weapons accordingly. The control panel of the jet shows you the number of use remaining for each of the three weapons and also the cooldown time of the weapon after each shot from the weapon. During your gameplay, you will also be attacked by enemies so you have to switch between defense and attack very swiftly & carefully.

A unique set of more than 15 missiles, as well as anti-missiles, is also added to the equipment armory.

Upgrade Defence & Weapon armory

You can upgrade your jet by upgrading defensive accessories and weapons accessories. Win more and more games to get more XPs and use these to increase your number of use for each weapon as well as the defense of your jet.

Visuals & Graphics

3D & 360-degree graphics and visuals are so close to reality that it feels like you are watching an aircraft battle in a movie. Weather effects are also added in new upgrades of the game which allow you to experience the battle in changing weather conditions. Flying in open skies above and land below which is in detailed design. Mean you can watch fields, buildings, streams rivers, etc during your flight. All this give you a feel like you are scrambling a real aircraft in the battle.

Easy and Improved Controls

Game controls for this game have been very easy and simple from day one and are improved a lot with each and every new upgrade. Though the Aircraft is auto-accelerated, there is a button to boost up the speed of your jet to fly at more faster. The direction control is even easier as you can direct the jet by scrolling your finger in that direction. There are also control buttons to shoot and aim with precision.

User-friendly Interface

This game has a simple and very easily understandable interface. Moreover, new users can learn gameplay with help of the direction indicating tutorial feature in single-player mode.

Free of Cost

In the most arcade and battlefield games, users have to pay for various royal passes and other premium features of the game. But in contrast to those, the Ace fighter Air combat game allows you to enjoy the ultimate gameplay without paying anything. This game does not charge a penny either for downloading it or for playing it. This game also doesn’t have any sort of premium service or features for which you have to pay real money.

Secure to Download

This game is 100% secure, as it is verified by google paly protect and does not have any harmful content for your device. All the bugs & viruses are fixed. So feel secure to grab this amazing game to kill your free time by shooting enemies aircraft.

Download & Install

This app is verified by google play and doesn’t have any harmful viruses, bugs, or glitches. So just click on the download button and grab this fully equipped package of excitement & fun. The installation process is also very simple & easy as you follow for most of the app. So just allow the installation of apps from unknown sources in your mobile setting and proceed with the installation.


With the increasing craze for battlefield games, people look for games that are realistic and free of cost. If you are also sucked of experiencing such games that demand real money for purchasing in-app premium features then you must try this once. I bet you will be addicted to it on the first try. This app is a full toss package of entertainment & fun and brings all its services and premium features without costing any charges. So just install this fun package to kill your free time. Add your buddies to your circle to enjoy the game together.


Q. Does this app have any premium features?

All the features of the app are unlocked and you don’t need to purchase anything with money.

Q. Can I battle in different locations in this game?

Though the battlefield of this game is in open skies one can switch to different landscapes below the battlefield. You can switch to the ocean, desert, fields, or any other location below your battlefield.


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