Naruto Senki Apk

Version v1.23
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Google Commerce Ltd
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Anime series are of the popular categories of entertainment. When it comes to anime series and games, no one can match Japanese people. Japan has provided the world with some outstanding animes that have earned international popularity. Inspired by these anime series, plenty of games are also created.

Naruto Senki APK is an anime fighting game designed for iPhones & iPad as well as Android mobiles & tablets. This game is developed with the inspiration from the infamous anime series ‘ naruto anime series.

In this game, you have to fight in a 2D battleground with different characters. There are variant game modes, you can choose between arcade, battleground, and other game modes. In each mode you have to fight a battle, so choose your favorite character from plenty of available characters and begin the battle.


This game comes with amazing gameplay. The gameplay is very simple. It all starts with character selection. You have to select your favorite character to battle out the enemies. Once you enter the battle you will be facing a streak of enemies. You have to cope with all those rascals to be in the battle.

Your characters will also be helped by a bunch of warriors which will assist you in your journey on the battlefield. You have to switch between attack and defense very swiftly according to the situation. You can attack the bad guys with punches & kicks. More attacking powers will be gained as the game progress, also the enemies will also give you more and more tough time as the gameplay progresses.

Features of Naruto Senki APK

Naruto Senki is a fun-filled game that will make you addicted to it with its amazing features. Following are some of its top-notch features.

2D Game Play

The game offers a 2D gameplay with liquid flow graphics which makes your game experience great fun. Plenty of anime characters with colorful costumes make the gameplay more attractive.

Up to 40 Game Characters

Fighting with popular anime characters is a really fun party. There are up to 40 games characters. Though all the characters are not available initially as you go on to win games you are rewarded money and you can use this money to unlock new powerful characters. You can also use the money to upgrade the abilities and powers of your character. Some famous game characters to mention are Naruto, Kakashi, Choji, Pain, Jugo, Sasuke, Itachi, Sugetsu, Obito, Boruto, Hinata, etc.

Offline Mode

If you are a newbie or don’t have your device connected to the internet then you can also play the anime fighting battle in offline mode and can sharpen your skills & gameplay.

Online Mode

Challenge & Invite your buddies to play against each other in the online game mode. if frequently play against your friends then You can add your buddies to favorites to set up a challenge match quickly. You can also challenge the world and can play against pro players from all over the world and can show your gaming skills to the world.

You can add different characters to build a team of warriors and can conquer the battle against your enemies.

Battle Stages to Choose From

As the game gives you the luxury to choose your game character out of 40 available characters, the game also allows you to choose the battle stage of your choice from 10 available battle stages.

Graphics & Sound Effects

This anime game has graphics that you have never experienced before in any anime game. These eye-catching colorful two-dimensional graphics of the game are unique & immersive and are enough to make you addicted to this amazing game.

The sound effects add to the graphics to give a feel of a real battle. The battlefield music and sound effects for punch, kick, and falling characters make the gameplay more interesting and attractive.

Interface & Controls

The interface of the game is very easy and understandable. The interface gives you easy access to all the options and controls. The Control panel is also not too complicated. The bottom-right corner of the interface during the fight has navigation icons that are like an arrow design pointed toward all four directions respectively.

You can move your game character easily in all four directions with these navigation controls. The bottom left corner has buttons for punch & kick if you are willing to attack. The defense button is also on the right side. You can also defend by pressing the navigation key for backward movement.


Plenty of fighting games do contain ads that disturb the fighting joy of players, but this app keeps all the advertisements at a fair distance from the game so that players are not disturbed during the ultimate gameplay.

Download & Installation

If you are interested in battle games just click on the download button now and get going. Once the download is completed then go to the device setting. Open the setting and go to the Security tab. Open the security tab and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

After allowing the installation, go to the files manager of the device and locate the downloaded file. Open the file and click on the installation and start the ultimate joy of anime fighting.


Naruto Senki APK is one of the popular anime fighting game trusted and enjoyed by millions of players all over the world. If you are a game lover and willing to grab a fighting game that may allow you to fight offline as well as online against your buddies and pro players without charging any real money then you are at a perfectly right place.

Just grab this app which fulfills all your anime fighting requirements. 2D gameplay with high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects with music, plenty of game characters available, and 10 battle stages to choose from making this game a complete package for a gaming lover.


Q. Is this game Free?

Yes, this game is cent percent free and does not charge real money either for download or for playing the game.

Q. Can I play this game on iOS devices?

Yes, this game is designed to play on both android & iOS devices.


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