Agent Action APK

Version v1.6.13
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer SayGames Ltd
97.39% (536 Ratings)



Agent Action Apk is an arcade action game that revolves around a spy character. If you claim that you have good spy skills then prove it with this action-packed thriller. Spy character is one the most famous and familiar characters and is frequently used in movies, Web series, Dramas, and games.

In Agent Action Apk, you play a spy role and have to eliminate all the enemies by shooting them before they make any damage. The game offers 3D gameplay with a simple interface and easy controls. So try the shootout with your best spying skills.


The gameplay comes with graphics of amazing quality and sound in 3D design. The gameplay is divided into different levels & each level is further split into screens. On each screen, the agent is given a number of enemies that are mentioned in the top-right corner of the screen. You have to gun down the mentioned number of enemies to proceed to the next screen.

You have to face a different number of enemies with different skill levels on each screen. You have to complete a number screen to go to the next level. As each screen have a different number of enemies, each level also has a different number of screens.

Your enemies have secret bases for shelter and you have to conquer these bases. each screen and level initially starts with henchmen fighting against you but you have to also more powerful bosses of these henchmen at the end of the level. You have to survive through the end to claim victory. If you are killed you can resume from that point by watching a short advertisement video.

Features of Agent Action APK

This action-packed shootout game is fully equipped with a variety of features. Come let us go through some astonishing of these features.

Game Character

It is a sharply dressed handsome guy with sharpshooting & spy skills who lands with his umbrella. He is fully equipped with a variety of destroying weapons. The weapons are also there for him on the battlefield every now and then.

The default character of this game is named after the game i.e Mr.action. Utilize your spying skills, win more & more games to earn coins & money, go to the game store and unlock new buddies to fight in the game. There are plenty of new characters you can unlock, these characters include Princess, Mrs.Smith, Little Joe, Ivan Black, and many more which are waiting for you.

Variety in Weapons

As the opponents in the game have various opposing & fighting skills with a variety of arms, the game also provides you with an arms arsenal decorated with a variety of weapons with different damaging and destroying powers. So try pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns, RPGs & much more to tackle the enemies.

Intensively Rapid Shooting

The gameplay is intensive and very quick. As you land, you are welcomed by an unending streak of enemies. Your game character is equipped with weapons from the word go. The auto-aiming and one-tap shooting enable you to shoot in a split second.

Interface & Controls

The interface of the game is very simple and colorful in a three-dimensional design. The control system of this game is as easy as you have ever seen before. You can demolish the enemies by using just a single finger even.

Tap on your device screen to open fire at the enemy and keep holding your device screen after taping if you want to shoot continuously. Switch from attack to defense by just releasing your screen.

Defense Accessories

Defense is equally important as the attack is, so you must have defensive skills. The game also offers a lot for defense which helps to thrive in the game. You can boost your health with health boosters if you are damaged by the enemies. The arsenal of the game also has bulletproof jackets & vests for you to strengthen your defense.

Graphics & Sounds

When Liquid-flow 3D graphics are funked with the classic battle soundtracks and realistic shooting sounds, it gives you a feeling of being in an action and a thriller scene of a classic Hollywood Spy movie.

The graphics contain plenty of v visuals & landscapes including your spy, henchmen of different types, horrible bosses to these henchmen, desert, trains, railway tracks & platforms, rivers, streams, boats, roads, cars, the buildings of enemies' bases and headquarters of bosses.

Unlock Weapons, Characters & Much More

There is plenty to unlock in the game. Win as many games as you can to earn more & more coins. Spend these coins on unlocking new characters, weapons, dressing for your character, and defensive accessories like health boosters, Bulletproof vests, etc.

Free of Cost

This game does not charge users anything neither for download nor for its features. You can unlock all the features and weapons with in-game money & coins earn by your wins.

Safe & Secure

The presence of the game in the gallery of the play store and millions of users all around the world assure that it is a very secure game to download and won’t harm your device at all.

Download & Install

One can grab this app from here by just clicking on the download button. The size of the file is not too big and will take a minute max. After successfully downloading the game.

Go to your device setting. Open the security menu. Find and allow the installation from unknown sources. After permitting the installation, locate the file either from the file manager of the device or the download menu of your browser and open the file. Click on the install button to complete the installation of the app.


Agent Action APK is a complete package of action and thrill. Amazing 3D design with liquid flow graphics and realistic visuals added with thrilling soundtracks give a feel of a spy action movie in Hollywood.

Cross a variety of levels hindered by a variety of threatening henchmen & their evil bosses using plenty of arms & weapons offered by the game’s arsenal. So come and visit the arsenal of Agent Action Apk. pick your favorite character, equip it with plenty of weapons offered by the arsenal, land into the battle and be a superb spy agent by hunting down all the evil rascals.


Q. Does this app contain Ads?

This app has very limited ads which you can use to resume your campaign if you are killed during the campaign.

Q. Is this compatible with iOS devices?

No, this app is only designed for android devices.


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