Version v1.9.0
Android Version 6.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer KRAFTON, Inc.
94.12% (544 Ratings)



This is the age of  ern technology and high speed internet. With such rapid innovations in internet technologies the market of online gaming is prospering very swiftly. Among online games of various categories , the craze of online multiplayer battleground games is at extreme peak. People love to kill their spare time by killing enemies in these battleground category games.

Battle Ground Mobile India   Apk (BGMI   Apk) is also a game which falls in the category of such high popularity in the gaming world.It is actually the upgraded version of the former battleground original game. This game was put forward by the developers as an attempt to provide battleground gaming experience to almost every type of android mobile users as most of top ranked battleground mobile games are restricted to compatibility with higher version devices . But this game is designed to run on every type and version of smartphone, android device or tablet. One can also enjoy it on his PC or laptop.One must use RTX while playing the game on PC or laptop to get the best out of it.

This is an online multiplayer adventure game with 3D graphics and sound effects coming to you absolutely free of cost.One can enjoy fighting on battleground in  e of his choice by switching between multiple player team  e & one on one  e. In both  es one has to struggle for his survival till the end to be declared as winner. One can choose from various maps & characters from the given lists to fight for triumph. The different maps & characters in the game differ in approach and abilities to experience a change in battling.

The wallhack function of the game is an amazing feature which helps you to see enemies hidden behind a wall or any other hidden place

Basic Theme of gameplay

All starts with players landing from a plane on an island.There are a total of 100 players including you on the island thriving for victory . You have to search for weapons and other defensive accessories including guns, health kit, ammo & other tools which help you on the battlefield .These weapons & accessories can  be found every now and then at every part of the  island. You search for weapons, hidden places for survival, drive bikes ,bicycles & vehicles in your campaign of survival .You have to thrive through the battle to stand alone towards the end of battle to be champion.

Features of game

This epic battle ground game is furnished with many of superb features, few of which are enlisted here to highlight the brilliance of game

Strategic squad-play

One can play this  game as a single battler or may form a squad with buddies to make the battle more interesting by planning and discussing the strategy with squad members and executing it more impactfully to clinch the victory.

HD Graphics with Realistic Weapons

HD 360 degree graphics of the game and weapons designed close to original weapons with realistic sounds and operations give a realistic battle feeling which makes its user addicted to the game.

BGMI WallHack function

This is an astonishing function which helps a lot during your survival campaign on the island. This function enables a player to watch opponents which are hidden behind a wall or any other obstacle. You can use this option even when you are firing .


This is  yet another amazing feature which can be used during gameplay .This feature detects the enemies on its  own and shoots them. One thing to remember here is that , it can't aim or shoot the enemies hidden in the building, behind a wall or rock etc. it is  best  to use it on an open battlefield.


It is another helpful hack feature of the game to locate and watch your enemies from anywhere while they are taking TPP.

No Recoil.

Enemy is at a faraway distance, no need to panic. Just use this no recoil hack of the game which helps to shy better at faraway enemies by decreasing your weapon’s recoil almost to zero . This hack is usable for certain weapons including M-672, Rage Range or AKM .

Unlimited UC

Despite using real money to unlock in-app features , this game gives you the luxury to unlock & purchase all the features with in-game currency as there is no limit of winning UC.One can win unlimited UC and unlock all the features of the game by purchasing it with UC rather than buying it with real money. One can buy firearm skins, bicycles outfits , various dresses , automobiles etc.

NO ban

This feature helps you to escape from a ban by the BGMI ban team .

NO Root

One does not require to define a root for installation after downloading this  game.

NO Security or Privacy Concerns

Due to many types of viruses, malwares, bugs , glitches etc contained by various apps and softwares everyone is so concerned to know about the security risks before installing any sort of app or software .Therefore the developers of this app kept the device security of users at top priority by fixing all the security concerns

Download & install

You can download this amazing game from here .

After completion of download just set it up on your android device by enabling the app installation from an unknown source in your main setting menu of the device . After permitting the installation from setting , go to the file manager .open recently downloaded file of this game and install it .


With a set of super features, amazing 3D graphics & visuals, realistic sound effects and liquid flow gameplay, this game is a complete package of fun & adventure for users of all sorts of android devices in India. It is the best alternative of all those battlefield games which are only playable on devices of higher versions and better processors . but this game gives the ultimate battleground gaming experience to each and every kind of smartphones and android devices


Q. Is there any in-app purchase with real money ?

No, all the features of the game can be unlocked with UC & in-game currency rather than spending the real money.

Q. Can I hack BGMI without getting banned?

Yes, there is a chance of getting banned by the game. In order to prevent this ban , one must have an anti-ban hack on his device.