Chicken Gun Apk

Version v2.9.01
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer ChaloApps
96.47% (539 Ratings)



Among games of various categories, people have shown great addiction to shooting games. This category of games is touching skies of fame. If you are also addicted to on enjoy shooting games on your mobile, then must try this simple and extremely exciting shooting game.

Chicken Gun Apk is a game with sooting gameplay, in which the fighting character of games are chickens. It is an online game featuring multiple participants from all across the globe. So dive into the epic ocean of fun with this game and kill chicken characters of other players contesting with you.

You can compete in shooting missions against other online players. This game also allows you to enjoy the ultimate experience of shooting with your buddies. So add your friends to the game and enjoy together the fun of shooting chickens.

Basic Theme & Gameplay

Initially, you have to choose the fighting chicken with your desired customization. You can customize it by selecting from numerous types & colors of feathers, smug, crest, etc. once you have customized your chicken, equip it with the best of available weapons in your armory. Start the battle to kill the invaders' chicken if they are approaching your territory to invade it illegally.

The participating players fight against each other in an ultimate shooting battle.  The fighting chicken characters are armed with the latest and most powerful weapons. So be a warrior, enjoy the ultimate shootout and stand firm to stay the winner.

Download and invite buddies. Arm your chicken with the best of the available weapons and jump into the shootout field to Enjoy the ultimate chicken gun fun with buddies and other players from all across the planet.

How to Kill Opponents

The gameplay is very simple & straightforward. Just pick your best weapons, and touch on the object you wanna shoot down. You don’t have to aim or scoop in, to kill your opponent's chicken character. Just touch this object and all is done precisely  & automatically to make your enemy down.

Kill as many enemies as you can, because you are rewarded with points every time you make a kill. More kill means more points and more chances to upgrade your character as well as more weapons for it.

You can use your won points to unlock new accessories for your chicken including hats, coats, belts, and more colors & designs for the feathers of your chicken. If you have become a champ of the game and have a plethora of points won in the battle then you can also buy the latest powerful weapons that have better speed and damaging effect. Some weapons are also capable of destroying clusters of enemies in one shot.

Charming Features of The Game

Out of its all exciting features, some of its key features are listed here.

Powerful Weapons

Powerful weapons & explosives make the gameplay more interesting. Initially, you don’t have a variety of weapons in your arms gallery. But once you start winning games and earning points you can purchase a vast variety of weapons with these points from the in-app weapons store.

You can add to your arm gallery the rifles, automatic guns, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and much more, of the various power, range, and damage effect.

The other types of weapons include hand grenades, explosive egg bombs, etc. These lethal weapons are capable of killing clusters of foes in a single shot.

So equip your chicken with amazing arms & weapons and go on to destroy the foes in a hilarious battle of the chicken shoot.

Attractive Maps

The game doesn’t let you get bored of the same area for battling in. Rather it allows you to explore and battle different maps and territories. Each map comes with its unique features and landscapes and players also have to make a different strategy according to the landscape of the map. One can unlock new exciting territories by winning more points.

Visuals & Graphics

Chicken Gun Apk has smooth graphics with easy access. Visuals and graphics are of so high quality that they give you a feel like you are playing a premium category game. These top-quality visuals make the gameplay easier and people get addicted to it.

Music & Sound Effect

Chicken Gun Apk is well aware of the fact that music and sound effects are of great importance in any shooting battle. Hence it added epic battling music and sound effects of various types to give a feel of a more realistic battle. These sound effects include sounds of the various gunshots, mighty explosions of bombs, cries of dying chicken characters, and much more. So never keep your device on mute while enjoying this battle of shooting chickens.

Character Customization

You express yourself to other players of the world via your game character. So it is better to customize your game character in an impressive way. This game allows you to customize your character by changing your outfits, hats, shirt, feathers color postures design, and much more.

Easy Control panel

This game has a control panel as easy as you would have ever experienced before in any shooting game. Moving is controlled by screen scrolling in respective directions. Shooting and throwing explosives at the foes is unbelievably easy. You just have to tap on the foes or cluster of opponents to destroy them and leave the rest to the game's amazing shooting system which itself takes a shy of the tapped opponent.

Chatting Feature

Playing online and could not talk to players of the world with which you are competing in the game. Isn't it bad?

But with this game, you can interact easily with anyone competing in the game through the chat section of the game. Write anything to anyone anytime and make new buddies around the world with this amazing fun-filled game.

Free to Download & Play

This game charges nothing Neither for download nor playing it. So feel free to grab this fun packet and go on to enjoy unlimited shootouts.


This app does not allow ads to hinder the gameplay of its gamers. But one can watch available rewarding ads in the lobby to earn some points or even assistive stints of the game.


If you are fond of chicken fights or of shooting games then must try this combo of both fights. Chicken fight but with armed weapons to shoot down the foes. So download this amazing game and battle to defend your territory from foes invaders. A vast variety of weapons and explosives, high-quality liquid flow graphics and visuals, in-game sound effects and background music, a chat section to interact with the world, and much more make it an amazing package for game lovers.


Q. Can I play Chicken Gun Apk with my friends?

Yes, you can add your buddies to dive into the epic fun land of shooting chickens.

Q. Can I play this game on an iOS device?

No, this device is only compatible with Android devices.


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