Damon PS2 Pro Apk

Version v5.0Pre2
Android Version 5.1 and up
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Developer DamonPS2 Emulator Studio
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Introducing you to one of the best & fastest emulators for the PS2 games, the Damon PS2 Pro Apk. When it comes to playing PS2 games on android devices then nothing is better than this app.

PS stands for Playing Station. It is a gaming console for 6th generation gaming that was introduced in late 2000 by Sony Company. Since its release, a sale of more than 150M units makes it the world’s best-selling gaming console of 2011 as the cut date for this sale counting. About 8 years ago Sony announced that PS2 devices are no more supported by them but in these 14 to 15 years PS2 has earned great global fame.

Though this gaming console was stopped by its developers, the games on PS2 still attract gamers. If you are also a lover of those legendary games on this game Console then this emulator will assist you a lot in getting you back to the old days of childhood when you used to enjoy games on this world’s leading gaming console.

Key Features of Damon PS2 Pro APK

This emulator is giving you access to the world’s leading gaming console, which means it must have such features which are required to access such a big gaming platform. Among plenty of its amazing features, a few are given to your notice below.

Access to All PS2 games

You can access all the legendary games enclosed in PS2 thanks to this emulator named Damon PS2 Pro Apk. Enjoy the world-famous games series including God of War, Metal Gear Solid, GTA, Sons of Liberty, Resident Evil4, and many more.

The original Sony Devices supporting PS2 did require digital discs to play games but with this emulator, you don’t require those discs also.

Play Games in High-Resolution Quality

The best part of this app is that it is able to run all the games in high-quality resolution. So enjoy the ultimate gaming joy up to HD quality of 1080p. You can change the resolution quality according to your device's ability to support that video resolution.

Optimal Speed

With every upcoming day, mobile technology is being improved and these days android devices do possess such hardware that can run this PS2 emulator with ease and smoothly. More strong your mobile hardware is the more smoothly it will run this emulator. The smooth running of this emulator will provide you with the optimal gaming speed required for legendary games to play on a mobile or an android device.

Customize Control panel

Playing games on console devices is a lot easier as compared to touchscreen devices because a touchscreen device does not give you the luxury of the physical buttons that console devices do.
But with this emulator, you will find as much convenience as you could expect. This app can’t provide physical buttons as provided by the console devices but allows the users to customize the control panel for the games according to their will. So set the size, position, and function of each control panel key according to your convenience and keep your ultimate gaming joy on the go.

Multi-format File Support

Instead of installing games traditionally through DVDs, this emulator allows its users to install games using different file formats including nrg / iso / img, etc.


BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) are a compulsory part of every emulator. Because it is a coding system that drives the emulator. Without this component, you can’t run any sort of emulator on your android device. Hence one does require appropriate BIOS integrated into your emulator for the proper functioning of the emulator.

Copyrights are the reasons that we did not integrate BIOS in this apk file but you can grab BIOS files for this emulator by just simply typing BIOS for PS2 in the Google search bar. But on Google, you may find plenty of results for the search and may get confused in choosing the appropriate file.

For your convenience, we are also providing the link for matching BIOS for Damon PS2 Pro Apk. So grab the app as well as BIOS from here and dive into the ultimate joy of PS2 games.

User-friendly Interface

Mostly you observe a relatively complex and typical interface in powerful emulators and apps. But developers of this app kept users’ convenience at top of their priorities. Hence you can enjoy legendary PS2 games with this emulator using a very simple & user-friendly interface.

50 FPS+

This emulator was built to run PS2 console games and does require a healthy frame rate to run such high-quality games smoothly on your android device. If your device is configured well and possesses powerful hardware, then this emulator can give you a speed of more than 50 frames per second.

which is more than enough for the smooth running of PS2 games on your mobile.if your device is compatible and possesses powerful hardware & processor the speed may exceed 60 FPS.

Download & Installation

You can enjoy the luxury of downloading the Apk file as well as BIOS for this emulator from this site. So just click on the download button for the apk file of Damon PS2 Pro Apk. once the file is downloaded, go to the setting menu of the mobile and allow installation of app from this site and come back to the apk file. Open the file and click on the install button.

As I early mentioned that you can BIOS also from here, so click the given link of the BIOS file and download it by following the given instructions. Once the BIOS file is downloaded open it & integrate it with the emulator.


If you like to play PS2 games and looking for an app that could break all the barriers hindered between you and PS2 games then you won’t find anything better than Damon PS2 Pro Apk. This amazing app gives you access to all the PS2 legendary games. So enjoy all the games with a high-resolution quality with an optimum gaming speed of 50 to 60 FPS.

Enhance your gaming with customized controls as this emulator allows you to change the position, size, and functionality of the buttons. Grab this emulator & enjoy the ultimate joy of console gaming on your screen of android device.

Important Note

You must have a highly configured device fulfilling the hardware requirements of 5.0+ for Android & 3.0+ for the OpenGL devices.
The devices weaker than above-mentioned hardware can cause problems like frame jerks & slow motion.


Q. Is this app safe to download?

This app does not contain harmful malware, bugs, glitches, or viruses. So feel free secure to download this app.

Q. Is this app free of cost?

Yes, this app is free of cost and does not charge you either to download or to use it.


Damon PS2 Pro ApkDamon PS2 Pro ApkDamon PS2 Pro ApkDamon PS2 Pro ApkDamon PS2 Pro Apk