Dead Effect 2 APK

Version v220322.2300
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer App Holdings
99.52% (420 Ratings)



This game is a first-person shooter game with a sci-fi storyline. This Sci-Fi Horror shooter is sure to get your blood boiling, nerves aching, and skin shivering with its amazing and immersive gameplay. Enjoy the game anytime, from any location with the offline campaign mode with various missions and achievements.

The background of the game is that you are stuck in a spaceship that explores various places but due to unfortunate events the space system is attacked by many zombies. You have to kill each zombie with your weapons. If you are into shooting games that this amazing app game is perfect for you. The objective of the gameplay is to escape from the ship while defeating the zombies and all your enemies. The game has a mission that unfolds over a 20-hour campaign and additional 10 hours of the extra mission.

 you can choose between three personalities at the start of the game. In between the game, you will gain various weapons but at the start, you will only have a revolver to attack the enemies. As you proceed into the game, you can unlock various abilities and extra powers to defeat the zombies successfully. As you play the extensive campaign in this game, you'll encounter all kinds of enemies that only get more powerful as you go. You will also have an arsenal of more than 40 weapons. The gameplay can be customized according to your comfort. You can select which buttons you need to move or shoot. With this amazing game, you can never get bored. Ever.

Features of Dead Effect 2 Apk

It is no doubt a top-notch shooting game for those that are into the horror genre and shooting. But what makes it different from other shooting games? This game has some extraordinary features mentioned below.

Breathtaking Graphics

Are you tired of blur graphics? This game has unique and breath-taking graphics. The background and the gameplay characters are so real you might even doubt at some point that are they even real or just characters. Apart from just characters, the background and zombies are perfectly detailed. The latest NVIDIA tech for Android has been utilized to bring you these stunning graphics and sounds. The game has stunning and realistic effects and graphics.  Not only android but the graphics and game quality is the same in pc laptops. The production of the game's graphics and sound effects has a very high standard and has been improved compared to the previous one. The light and dark scenes change simultaneously, the cabin of the space system is full of corpses, and the plasma can be seen everywhere, which fully renders the horrible atmosphere, especially in the dead of night, watching the zombies with their hung mouths open. Will you be able to survive? Or you will die in the clutches of deadly zombies.

Unique Characters

During the start of the game, you will be given three personas to choose from. Each character has a unique personality. You can customize each character. You can master each character by using weapons and tricks to destroy the zombies. Throughout the game, you can improve each character’s abilities and unlock their new powers, making it easier to defeat the zombies you run into. The shooting sci-fic game has a unique system of 100+ upgradable body implants and gear sets which you buy within the game with your awards and coins.

Customizable Gameplay

 In The normal setting of the gameplay by default, there's a virtual D-pad on the left for moving, plus weapon controls and action buttons on the right. You can easily customize or choose another layout in the game play according to your comfort in the setting of the app. The amazing game has full controller support as well as fully customizable on-screen controls to help you defeat deadly enemies.

More Than 40 Weapon Upgrades

During the start of the 20-hour deadly campaign, you will only have a revolver to protect yourself from the zombies but as the game will proceed, you will be awarded more than 40 weapons and a proper arsenal to fight the zombies. Guns, swords and ninja darts, you will have it all. A total of 24 weapons will be present during the early missions that you need to gain necessarily. The weapons include; 4 grenades, 4 short guns, 2 crossbows, 5 pistols, 3 assault rifles and more.

Virtual Sound Effects

Along with the breathtaking graphics, their virtual sound effects are phenomenal. From sounds to weapons loading and shooting to zombies’ grumbles and shouting, the game has it all. All the sounds are narrated by professional voice actors. the sounds, all the cutscenes are completely voice-acted with a cast of great actors. The sounds set the mood for this horror Sci-Fi adventure. The updated version has fixed all the bugs present in the sound effects, providing a perfect 3d experience for the player.

What's New in the Game

What is new in the latest and updated version? The upgraded version has new body parts and skin for your three characters as well as new and unique powers. You also have updated weapons and a perfect arsenal to help you save the space system from the clutches of zombies.

Download & Installation

For Download & installation, android users can go to Play Store as well as can get the game from this page. To grab it from the Play Store follow these steps.

  1. Open the play store and search “dead effect 2”
  2. Click on the first app
  3. Press install and download the amazing app
  4. Once downloaded, open the app and make your in-game account
  5. Choose from the three personalities
  6. You're ready to enjoy the amazing games with the most perfect visuals and audio effects.

To grab the app here, you can click on the download button given on this page. After completion of the download, open the file and complete the installation by tapping on the install button. If you are asked to allow unknown source permission for installation then allow it from the device setting before proceeding to the installation process.


Dead effect 2 is the perfect first-person shooting game with a plot-based sci-Fi story. You can have 40+ weapons to choose from and three characters, that you can master in the game.


Q. Can I play dead effect 2 offline?

Yes! You can play the game offline as well as online.

Q. How many missions are in the game?

Ans. The game has more than 20 missions.


Dead Effect 2 APKDead Effect 2 APKDead Effect 2 APKDead Effect 2 APKDead Effect 2 APKDead Effect 2 APK