Hungry Shark Apk

Version v10.4.6
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Action
Languages English / Turkish
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
91.73% (496 Ratings)



Hungry Shark has got several types of sharks handled by the players themselves. This game was developed by Ubisoft and Future games of London. This game was released in 2015. It is now available for all the platforms namely Android, iPhone, Pc and Xbox.

This game has all the types of sharks that the player can choose from according to the level. These types of shark include, megalodon, hammerhead shark, white shark, megamouth, reef and mako sharks.

To pass in each level the player must make sure to make his shark eat maximum creatures. The motive behind the gameplay is basically to prevent the shark from being hungry. Specific specie of sharks eats specific fishes and creatures of sea.

As the level proceeds further, you get bigger and stronger sharks but the meal must be according to the energy they need and they must not get hungry. The gameplay is not as simple as the readers must be assuming it to be right now.

With each level the game gets more difficult as there are many obstacles and hazards the players have to deal with. For instance, there are explosions, many other sea brutes that are aggressive towards the sharks.

The game will take you deep into the world of oceanic fantasies and will make you the controller of the most horrific beast the sharks. The graphics are so alluring that they will provide you with a complete HD experience diving beneath the ocean.

There are certain discrepancies in the game that gamers not find much interesting. Hungry Shark APK has got unrestricted and free of cost gold to pass the tiers more successfully. It has more worth downloading features that boost up the game’s anticipation.


Unlimited gold to unlock powerful species of shark.

Highly defined graphics for better and exclusive gaming.

11 sea beasts to unlock, although with this apk many of them are unlocked for free.

No in app purchases through real money are supported in this version.

Advertisements are eliminated from this version.

Earn maximum bonus via getting a chance to gather 15 bonus objects.

Enjoy playing this game on multiple devices using the same Google account.

Gain ultimate strength through numerous hidden elements and baby sharks.

Share streams of your game through uploading them directly on YouTube.

Explore various locations deep down the ocean.    


Grant access to your device for downloading this game.

Tap onto the ‘Download’ option to download Hungry Shark APK.

Save the downloaded apk in your smartphone.


Download the application from this website.

Store the downloaded file in your device.

Install the downloaded file.

Open the app and connect it with Google.

Dive into the ocean and make sure the shark never be left malnourished.


Hungry Shark as per ratings of Google Play store has been downloaded by approximately 17 million people till now. It has a deep sensation as it takes you the depths of an ocean. It is having accumulated many features that never let the players get bored. Even when you are not in a mission this game allows to wander carefree towards the hidden depths of the ocean. Hungry Shark APK has got more advantages without ads and without any costs for the enthusiastic players to enjoy.


Q. Is Hungry Shark APK available for Android?

Hungry shark APK can be easily download on Android using these steps.
• Grant access to your device for downloading this game.
• Tap onto the ‘Download’ option to download Hungry Shark APK.
• Save the downloaded apk in your smartphone.
• Install this downloaded file.
• Open the game and sign in with Google.

Q. Is Hungry Shark APK offline?

Hungry shark can be played both online and offline.


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