Brawl Stars Apk

Version v52.183
Android Version 7.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Supercell
89.5% (943 Ratings)



Brawl Stars in an online multiplayer game with 3v3 arena battles. It is a real-time online battle game where you make your team with friends and challenge online players in brawl battles. This game has incredible and colorful graphics with unique color combos. Enjoy epic and high-end visual effects. 

Choose your favorite character as there are many different characters with unique abilities and weapons. Play different game modes, including brawl ball, weekly events and many more. Touch controls are super-responsive and give the best gaming experience. Join clubs and play club leagues to get epic rewards. Win battles and upgrade your characters to unlock more abilities.

What is meant by Brawl Stars Apk?

Brawl Stars is the best action and online arena battle game on android platform. You can join your friends to challenge online players and can create your team to become best brawl player in game. Enjoy 3v3 battles and defeat your opponents to unlock new characters and weapons. Upgrade and customize characters with hundreds of unique skins. Play various game modes and join clubs to play club league. You can also play seasonal events to get rewards and limited items. Learn combos and use weapons to kill the opponents in battles.

What are the features of Brawl Stars Apk?

This interesting battle game has unique features which you can read below.

Online Battle Royal

Brawl Stars is a fun and interesting online battle royal game. It is fun to play against real players and challenge others to compete against your skills. Take aim and fire toward opponents to destroy them.

50+ Brawlers

There are 50+ rough and powerful brawls which you can unlock and add in your team. Each brawl has special and epic abilities. You can unlock new moves and combos with these brawl heroes.

Team up With Friends

It is an online battle game in which you can challenge your friends or can join them to have a better team against online rivals. Play rowdy modes with friends and enjoy exciting battles.

Unique Customization

Having lots of different customization make it fun and in this game, you can customize your brawl heroes. There are 100+ colorful skins which you can unlock and use to make your characters look more awesome.

Great Graphics

The graphics of this game are incredibly good and give the best gaming experience. Get into the world of brawl battles and enjoy realistic visual effects and sound effects.

Easy Controls

Simple controls make the game easy to play and this game features easy controls. Use touchscreen controls to take aim and destroy your enemies.

What’s new in Brawl Stars Apk?

Join Club Leagues

Brawl Stars is an action-packed game with tons of great features. You can join clubs and interact with other players. Take part in club leagues and rank up your club to win amazing rewards.

Play Season Events

In this game you can enjoy seasonal events. Rank up your level and score higher in season events to unlock limited rewards and exciting prizes. Completing the seasonal event points give you legendary items and unique brawl heroes.

More Game Modes

There are so many different game modes which you can play to enjoy your free time. You can play online arena battle, brawl ball, club leagues and more.

Rank Up Brawls

Ranking up and leveling up your brawls make them more powerful. Defeat your opponents and upgrade your heroes to unlock superpowers and different abilities.

Why download Brawl Stars Apk?

Brawl Stars is an epic battle game with different game modes and leagues. Enjoy battling with your friends and unlock more brawl heroes to become powerful. Join clubs and participate in club leagues to score higher and rank up your club for rewards. There are lots of customization and You can also upgrade your heroes to unlock more moves and epic powers.

Method of downloading Brawl Stars Apk

This game also follows the typical method of downloading and installing.

  • Visit our site and download the game apk for free.
  • Click on the download game apk and install it properly in device.
  • Launch the game and start playing it on your device for free.


Brawl Stars is an impressive 3v3 battle royal game on android. It has various game modes to play and you can join club leagues to have more fun. Immersive and elegant graphics make the game more interesting. Get it now and start playing the best battle royal game.


Q. What is the game size of Brawl Stars Apk?

The total size of this game is 450 MB which means that you need larger storage to download and install this game properly.

Q. Does Brawl Stars Apk has online game modes?

This is an online multiplayer battle royal game where you can battle against real players. You can also enjoy this game with your friends.


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