Free Fire Max Apk

Version v2.80.0
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Garena International I
96.27% (590 Ratings)



Free Fire Max APK is the rejigged version of the free fire game to give users maximum out of the game. In this version, all the features of the original game are included but many of them are improved to a max level and many new features are also introduced.The battle royal games are most popular and are being played by 100 times more players than games of other categories. Among royale battle games, free fire falls on the list of most played games. Keeping the demand and popularity of the game, developers put forward this rejigged version to give maximum to the players. Free Fire Max Apk comes with improved ultra-quality graphics, in-app voice chat with improved sound quality, new game moods, new maps, improved effects, weapon armory, and assisting tools. Switch to this rejigged version of the FF title and bring your royale battle experience to the max level.


The gameplay is much improved with ultra HD graphics, fast pace, advanced weapons, ten-minute survival competition, new modes of games, new locations, and the same goal to survive till the end. All the improvements and advanced features make the gameplay immersive and interesting.The basic theme of the gameplay remains the same as it was in the old version. The number of players (50 players) is retained, the time duration is also 10 minute as it was in the original version and the goal of gameplay also remains the same. One has to survive till the end by killing other survivors to clinch victory.

Features of Free Fire Max Apk

This app encloses all the features of the original title improved to the maximum level and plenty of newly introduced features. Some major improvements and new addition to features are mentioned here.

Improved Graphics

The graphics of the game was brilliant in the classic FF version but the graphics are taken to the max level by the developers. Ultra HD graphics with liquid-smooth flow make the gameplay more immersive and bring your gaming experience to the next level.

Increased Pace of Gameplay

The immersive gameplay of the original version is rejigged at a quick pace in this app. Enjoy the fastest pace for an immersive royale battle. The ten-minute royale battle guarantees fast-paced gameplay in which players compete with each other for supplies, and weapons and guns down each other to stand till the end to be the winner.

Bermuda Max

In addition to other improvements, Bermuda Max is one of the major additions to the game. This is a newly added map. This map has the deadly encounter between two squads, each of which comprises 4 players. These two squads fight for the glory. Players can discuss their strategy with teammates via voice chat as they do in the classic version of the game and other maps of the game.

Craftland Feature

This is another innovation in the game. Craftland feature enables the players of this version to create their own map for their squad. So compose a map of your own squad with buildings, location and visuals of your will. Though the craft land feature is introduced and can be created only in the Max version but the players of the max version can invite the players of the old version to this map.

Improved & Increased Game Modes

Free Fire Max Apk offers as many as 9 game modes which are the most for any royale battle game. Game modes offered by the FF max version include Battle Royale, Bomb squad, Speed war, Master Weapons, clash squad, collect cards, capture point and practice.

Crystal Clear Voice Chat

Though the previous version also offers voice chat features for its players to discuss and formulate strategies among squad members this version took this voice chat feature to next level. You can talk with your buddies in crystal clear voice quality.

Don’t lose your Progress & items

This new version is inter-linked with the previous version of the game with firelink technology. You can play this version by logging in with your account on the previous version. You won’t lose your progress as well as game items if you switch from the old version to the max version or from this max version old version again. You can enjoy all your item and assets on both versions of the game in real-time.

Major Differences between Original & Max Version

Major differences between the two versions are as under.

  • Graphics: graphics of the game are much improved as compared to the original version. Max version comes with ultra HD liquid-flow graphics.
  • New Maps: This free fire max version offers new maps. Bermuda

Max is a newly added map to the game. Moreover, Craftland is also there where a player can create his own customized map.

  • Enhanced Resource use: better and advanced quality costs you much more resource use than the previous version. The size of the file is 1.5 GB hence consuming more space of device memory as well as internet data. Moreover, the better and bigger version also requires more RAM to run smoothly and also consumes more battery as compared to the original version.

Download & Install

Download the file via the download button. You have to keep patience during download as it takes much time due to the much larger size of the file. Ensure a strong and stable connection to make download faster.After completing this file download, switch to your device setting to allow the installation of this game from this unknown source. After allowing the permission for installation, open the file of the game and click on the install button.


Free fire Max Apk is a futuristic level royale battle game for online gamers. This game took the battling games to the max level. If you are sucked off from the previous version of FF and bored of the same maps, location, graphics and game modes then switch to this max version.This Max version offers the players Bermuda max (new map), Craftland to customize your own map, Ultra HD graphics, 9 popular game modes, improve voice chatting and much more. Moreover, you can log in with your original version account and if you don’t like this Max version you can switch back to the original version. But try this once, I guarantee you that you will forget the original version and will also recommend this game to your friend to enjoy together.


Q. Can I continue with my original version account on this app?

Yes, you can log in to the game with the original version account without losing any item or your game progress.

Q. Is Free Fire Max safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure for your device.


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