Bed Wars Apk

Version v1.9.1.2
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Blockman GO studio
99.46% (557 Ratings)



Today we have effortless access to everything in our lives, one of which is games. However, in today's environment, significantly fewer beings go out to play. Instead, we now prefer to use our devices and the internet to play games and beat our free time. Bed Wars APK is one of the exciting and unique games which gathers your interest and makes it easy for you to spend your spare time. This game was released on 19th January 2017. 

The game is the most popular server on Minecraft and is also quite challenging for Minecraft players.People find no trouble in understanding and playing this game. It's easy to manage as it has excellent ratings. Bed wars were created by Samuel kyber to entertain kids about 10 to 16 years. This game is for 16 people distributed into four groups battling their opponents on an island in the sky.

What every member has to do is secure your beds which you make by going to different places and gathering resources such as swords, blocks, tools and other unique items for building your beds. You must be careful of the beds you make because enemies may destroy them. So along with the finding and building, you have also to destroy the enemy's beds. As a result of the breaking of the bed, no player in the team will be able to respawn.

Bed War keeps you engaged and delivers a generous amount of exciting features. You can avail yourself of the components by playing and making the game more interesting.

Features Provided By Bed Wars APK

This game provides many valuable features for your ease. These features increase interest in the game. Some of its beneficial features are listed below.

Servers Connection

You are never bound to play this game on a significant device. Instead, there is a list of sites from which you can download the game and easily connect to your pc. Likewise, you can easily download it on your laptop or mac. You can click this game on your mobile phones and tablets to make it handy. This game is free to download on every device you are comfortable using.

Team-Up Game

In many games, you are bound to play alone, which becomes boring, but bed wars allow you to play in a team and independently. Team members can be your friends. As in the game, four groups are battling with each other, so taking benefit of this feature, you can add up your friends and make the game more exciting and fun. Also, if you are willing to play solo, you can set the setting according to your demands. The grounds are also manageable.

Confidentiality and Security

There have been many copied Minecraft games that people copied. Many people explicitly accept that they can hack the bed war game and provide different kinds of links that are used less and are for self-promotion. Bed war never passes your personal information to third-party until and unless you read and agree to their cookies and privacy policy.Adding more details here, this is how they secure your personal information. They do not use vulnerability scanning or scanning to PCI standards, do not ask for credit card numbers, only provide articles and information, and promise not to use Malware scanning. They only let those involved with the team access your personal information to build your trust. If you provide information like credit card numbers, they encrypt it via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This information all gives the impression that you can play the game with easy access and benefit your information security.


Bed war games have different versions that people enjoy and give their free time to. This online game has the very best version, Minecraft version 1.8.9, and this version is the most optimized client of the network. As far as we talk about versions, Samuel Kyber launched the latest version of the game was launched on 09th April 2022.

Modes In The Game

There are four basic modes in the game which you can have. The first one is for solo, doubles, 3vs3 and 4vs4. These modes have standard bed war gameplay but different map designs and prices. There's also a 4v4 mode gathering 3's/4's prices and a rotational Dreams mode that rotates between unique twists on the Bed Wars formula.

Download And Install

To download this game, the download button is provided on this page. Click the download button and wait for a minute or two as the size of the game exceeds 114 MB, the download may be prolonged further if you have a low-end device or weak internet connection on your device. So show patience till the completion of the download.After downloading the apk file, go to your device security tab in the main setting & verify that you wanna install the app from an unknown source. Then turn back to download the file, open it, click install and get installed the game on your device.


Every soul and body needs rest. Other than working all day and working hard to feed yourself and your family, there should always be ME time for a person to play, rest, and have fun with family and friends. Bed war is the best choice in such situations because it is a game that keeps you connected with your family and friends.You can play with them online by sitting and chilling at home and beating your spare time full of joy. However, sometimes we also need a break and want to spend time alone, and the solution to this Bed War is to play it solo on your own. So what are you waiting for? Download this game from your app store for free and give your life an enjoyable break.


Q. Can iPhone users download the Bed War game?

Yes! It' and exciting news that, for iPhone & iPad, download Bed Wars App 1.1 free online at AppPure.

Q. Can we download the Bed War game for free on pc?

Yes! You can now download Bed Wars on PC with BlueStacks for free, just going through some easy steps, and can engage yourself with this game through every medium.


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