Zooba Apk

Version v4.26.0
Android Version 6.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Wildlife Studios
96.25% (614 Ratings)



Zooba apk is a MOBA title by Wildlife Studios which features a royal battle between animal characters of the zoo, a multiplayer online player vs player battling saga. Join the animal’s battle with your favorite animal character and make your character the king of the zoo by conquering the other animals and staying alive at the end of the battle.Nowadays, advanced technology in the gaming world has introduced us to online games.

Among online games of different titles & categories, MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) titles are enjoying huge popularity. MOBA games like PUBG & many others are enjoying great popularity among these MOBA titles.Zooba is also such a MOBA game. In the game number of players participate in the royal battle with different zoo animals as their game characters.

So try Player vs Player mode or multiple plyer mode and enter the royale battle with your animal game character. The aim is to gun down all the animal characters of the opponent players to be the king of the zoo. TO cope with the enemies, you can shoot them or can fight them out. The game offers a lot of weapons and equipment’s which assist you in your royale battle against the opponents.


For a few past years, battling games are in great demand and users love to play online royale battles. This game has unique gameplay but a similar strategy to other MOBA games. In the game, you initially have to select any of the available game characters, pick the available weapon that you like and enter the battle. The strategy is dual as in other MOBA games, i.e. you have to attack the enemies as well as must focus on defense to stay alive in the game. The aim is to stay till the end and conquer the battle to be king of the zoo.

 Features of Zooba Apk

Over 50 million downloads from only the google play store suggests the popularity of the game. To earn such popularity without some astonishing features is not possible. Hence, the game is completely over rushed with plenty of mind-blowing features. Some of the important features are discussed under.

 Game Characters

The game basically revolves around the zoo animals so all of the game characters are comprised of different zoo animals. This game offers more than 10 different game characters that can be chosen. You can choose gorilla, chameleon, and many others. Moreover, you can unlock more characters in the game by winning games.

 Multiplayer Battle

The game offers two sorts of battles, the solo mode includes as many as 20 players to battle together while the PvP mode is also there which offers player vs player fights. In Both modes of online battles, you have to play very carefully, the solo mode is more strategic than PvP as you are battling against 19 more enemies so be strategic in your moves and decide b/w attack & defense very carefully.

 Plenty of Guns & Weapons

As the game is all about the royal battle, then how can you imagine a battle royale without weapons, guns, & accessories. Players can find plenty of weapons, equipment and accessories that help to overcome all the opponents. So keep a close eye on guns & weapons on the battlefield. 

 Enjoy the Game with Your Friends

Similar to most of MOBA titles, this game also allows you to enjoy the battling saga with your buddies. If you wanna enjoy the game with your buddies, add your buddies to your friend list, select the multiplayer mode and play with your friends as well as other players around the globe. So play the game with players around the world and who knows you may get new friends and a lucky special one on this game.

 Be a King of Animal World

Show your gaming expertise, tackle all the challenges, gun down all the enemies and stand tall among the players around the world battling for glory and be a king of this animal battlefield.

 Unlock & Upgrade

You can unlock more characters, weapons & accessories by purchasing a royal pass for this Zooba game or can unlock a few of them with in-game currency i.e. coins & points. Moreover, you can upgrade your characters and weapons to get the best out of those.  

 Game Graphics & Sounds

Graphics are the key feature in obtaining the fame of MOBA games as all the MOBA games come with some extraordinary graphics. This game also offers high-quality 3D graphics similar to other top-notch games of this era. All the characters are in colorful 3D designs and all the visuals & surroundings are in 3D graphics.The sound quality of the battle is really amazing. Sounds of gunshots, dying opponents, and roaring animals assisted with very curiosity-enhancing battle music add to the charms & attraction of the game.

 Controls of the Game

Zooba has a very familiar control panel design. The right side of the screen has different buttons while a virtual pad for character movement is on the left side. Moreover, the game has a very smooth & eye-catching interface.

 Privacy & Security

The game’s over 50 million downloads from a single google play store suggest the trust of users towards the game that the game is highly privacy maintaining and keeps your devices out of any security hazard.

 Download & Installation

If you wanna install the game just do it in these steps.

  • Click the download button given below. The app’s size ranges over 180MBs, so you have to stay patient for a few minutes until the download is done.
  • After completing the download process, go to your device setting and allow the app installation from unknown sources.
  • Now open the downloaded file and click on the given install option to complete the installation set-up of the game.


The gaming must be familiar with MOBA games scattered on different gaming platforms. Among plenty of available battling arenas, this is one of the best grabs for a MOBA lover.Zooba Apk comes with a battle royale of animated animal characters that represent multiple online players participating in the game. There are plenty of characters to choose from, the game offers a well-decorated arsenal of guns & weapons, and allows you to enjoy a 3D graphic battle royale with your buddies. So join the Zooba battle now and prove yourself as a pro battler by showing your expertise to the world.


Q. Is the Zooba game free to download?

Yes, you can grab the app without paying a penny even by just clicking the download button link on this page.

Q. Does this app have any sort of \premium features for purchase?

Though the game offers plenty of features along with gameplay for free there are still plenty of features that can be unlocked through royale pass purchase.


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