Getting Over It Apk

Version v1.9.4
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer Noodlecake
96.22% (635 Ratings)



Have you ever played an annoying game that gave you satisfaction as well? Are you looking for a very different game that you have been playing different games previously? Have you ever thought that you would enjoy the game by just climbing on a mountain? It is unbelievable that an average game of average graphics can create great fun for the players and win popularity throughout the world level. It is a fun game developed by Bennett Faddy that includes freak fun and enjoyment that is exclusive a built-in part of this game fly.

If you type over it on Google you get unlimited results related to this game. You would believe on it that a character of a half-naked guy can win the tensions of millions of players and even harder with having average graphics.

In this gameplay, a sledgehammer is the only thing that a half-naked guy would have in his hands throughout the journey. He is trying to find out his lost pants, which he could have for covering his naked body.

In this fun gameplay, the player is like a flying bird, he has to climb up on the mountain by removing the obstacles running down throughout the way from the mountains and striking the stones of huge size, to clear the path.

By having a hammer in his hands, the player has to pass out the way by removing the hurdles, obstacles which could be in the form of branches of trees, cliffs, and some same type of things, that could restrict the player to climb up. Simply, it is a simple game in which you have to play in style, saving yourself and climbing up to the mountains, by removing obstacles and striking them away.

Why this game could be Difficult for New Users?

Actually, in this gameplay, players have to strike out the obstacle with a hammer as a weapon. You have to be careful while climbing up, making clever moves, and adopting the different types of tactics to pass away the obstacles. Only a single mistake can fall you off the cliffs and you will start your journey from the beginning again. You fall off a cliff or a mountain then you have to start a journey from the beginning, it could take several hours again, that is why you have to be very careful by keeping a journey consistently very safe.

Excellent Feature of the Gameplay

The gameplay of Great Impact

It is not just a simple graphic game but is leaving an impact throughout the market as the number of players is taking it as a challenge and users are downloading it in millions. Previously, the setup of games was released for personal computers, getting over it is providing you an interface of playing this wonderful game on your mobile phones and other touch gadgets, you are having with you. Several popular people have played this game, and now millions of people are playing this game by accepting it as a challenge. PewDiePie ( a great YouTuber), Faker, Huni took a couple of hours to complete the tasks, this rare game has left a market impact after that.  

The gameplay is for All Interface

As mentioned, this gameplay was developed for PCs only but nowadays, millions of users are playing this game on their touch gadgets. You can download this amazing game on your android, iOS, windows, and others without any difficulty. You just have to take care of a few things; your gadget must have 2GB Memory with 2GB RAM and your MAC needs 4GB RAM with 2GB ROM for maintaining the system well. Even you can add different tools and cards that you couldn't have in your Androids, iOS, or Windows gadgets. 

Be careful not to have Exploded with Impotence

The worst and very annoying thing about this game, you have to bother the irritating commentary of the storyteller that will move on with you throughout the journey. An important point, you have to keep in mind is to ignore the comments and have the forbearance to digest all types of rages that storytellers comment on during the play. It is the gameplay, not for those, who have short temper and a very hot brain. You lose your temperament, your attention will divert, and you will be struck with hurdles and fall off. It is a negative point for you, as you have to climb up cliffs without any hindrance and pass out all hazards safely and effectively. 

Final words

As a player, you have to keep in mind that you could have a piece of a hammer is stuck in your hands and could not be dropped, as a powerful weapon. You would not have anything that you can use to save yourself from the hurdles, cliffs, branches. Your moves and tactics are useful to climb up and complete the tasks that are the primary aim of this game. You have to climb up at the peak and save yourself from striking and finding your lost pants, it is a challenge of this wonderful gameplay. 


Q. I play this game with my friends and relatives?

Yes, you can play this game with your friends and relatives by inviting them online and on your Facebook and other social media accounts without any difficulty.

Q. Is this gameplay is safe and risk-free?

Yes, of course, this gameplay is very safe and which tree because you would not face any sort of damage or threat of virus and we're pretty sure your data would not be hacked.


Getting Over It ApkGetting Over It ApkGetting Over It Apk