GTA San Andreas Apk

Version v2.11.32
Android Version 7.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Rockstar Games
96.63% (2963 Ratings)



Every player of this gaming age loves to have thrill and action in gameplay. If you are looking for an action thriller pack game then this re-build version of the Great Theft Auto game is the right choice for you to get all you looking for.

This game is built on a story of a character named Carl Johnson who was the protagonist. He left his city Santos San Andreas five years ago due to the burden of his life. This city faces corruption, gang wars, murders, drugs, and many more evils. Mother of carl was killed by someone.

When carl went to the police for justice for his mother’s murder, he was ignored by the police and not given justice. After that, Carl takes a step for the safety of himself as well as his family members by taking the control of streets into his hands. The basic moto of the players in this story is to support Carl in the safety mission for him and his family.

 Gameplay & theme of the game

This game is built on an inspiring story that attracts the players to play this game. The basic mission for players is to drive through the streets of the city and explore the things which help in the ultimate mission to provide justice to Carl “ the game character”.

In this gameplay, the player finds himself stuck between gang wars of various gangs of city Los Santos. Initially, you have to unlock bridges that allow you to move from one city to another. Once you have unlocked these bridges, then progress into your mission by gathering casino heists, debts, and weapons which help to complete the mission.

The gang war initiates once you enter the area of any other opponent gang or kill three of the organization's members. Once the gang war started with you, you will be attacked by the opponents at least thrice. If you survive these attacks you may claim these areas as yours and you may become rich from the income produced by these areas.

Features of the game

Graphics & Sounds

Developers of the game retouched the graphics of game to enhance the gaming joy of players. This Modded version of the game brings excellent liquid flow graphics with modified textures and altering light effects.

The sound effects add to the charms of the game and attract plenty of players to it. The new version contains dialogues between characters and the voicing is realistic for each character as Carl talks to the opponent gangster the opponent voicing gives a feel of a real gangster.

In addition to it, voicing for gunshots, swords, car crashes and explosions are very close to reality. Moreover one can enjoy the music in different genres on the radio during his drive in the game.

Free of cost

You can download this game without paying anything for it. Moreover, you also don’t have to pay for any in-app feature of the game. So all you need is to just download it and start enjoying the game.

Language changing feature

Players can switch to different languages in gameplay according to their region to understand the game easily and to make the gameplay more exciting for them.

Customize Control

Great Theft Auto San Andreas Apk allows you to customize game controls in three different layouts by formatting three different controls of the game according to your device and game setting.

Character customization & Upgradation

It also provides you the luxury to customize the game character according to your will and convenience.
After customization of the game character, you are also allowed to upgrade this character. The abilities of the character can be enhanced by working on the physical fitness of the character through GYM workouts, regular exercises, and by preventing unhealthy & spicy foods. If you don’t pay heed to the physical fitness of the character and fill him with unhealthy foodstuff it will get fatty and won’t resist in fights and combat during gameplay.

Upgradation of Cars

In this version of the game, the player can upgrade the cars used in the game. This up-gradation will increase the car’s functionality and makes the gameplay more exciting & joyful.

Wide Range of Things

GTA San Andreas Apk comes with a wide array of various things used for the character including weapons, foods, clothes, shoes, vehicles, etc.

Security Issues Resolved

All the security issues including bugs, glitches’ viruses, etc are fixed by the security team to make the gameplay smoother and uninterrupted.


Lagging of device due to heavy size
The only issue with the game is its heavier size. Due to the heavy size of GTA San Andreas Apk, your device start lagging and device performance is slowed down.

Download & Installation

To download this game, one must have a strong & stable internet connection as the file size is too large.
To download just simply type GTA San Andreas Apk in your browser search bar.

If you are facing any problems in downloading the game, then you should check your storage space. If it is insufficient, then free up some space as this game requires a minimum of 4GB free space to download.

Once your downloading process is complete, go to settings to permit installation from unknown sources. After allowing the permit, go to file manager & open the downloaded file of the game to set up installation.


Due to its heavy size and HD graphic gameplay, this game requires a device of higher version with some powerful processors. The system versions which support this version of the game include Marshmallow 6.0.0 or later versions, Honeycomb 3.0 or higher versions, lollipop 5.0 & 5.1.1, icecream sandwich 4.0 & 4.0.4, kit kat 4.4 and later kit kat versions and jelly bean 4.1.


Q. Is this game free of cost?

Yes, this game does not cost anything to users. You just have to install it.

Q. Is this game safe enough to download?

Feel cent percent safe to download this amazing game as it does not contain any harmful viruses bugs glitches etc


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