Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood

Version v1.0.8 Mod (Menu)
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer Keplerians Horror Games
86.93% (742 Ratings)



Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood is an arcade, adventure and horror, offline and single player realistic game where the player has to save a child that has been kidnapped and frozen by a scary ice cream seller in his van. This role playing game requires the player to save their friend and their neighbor Lis that they have witnessed to be kidnapped by that ice cream seller.

This game features a gameplay that is both horrific and adventurous as the player has to save their best friend from the ice cream seller who has kidnapped them using some sort of superpowers. The mission is to stay in his van and solve the mystery of the van and help them to escape by solving various puzzles thrown towards the player.

The villain is Rod who listens to all the movements in the game but the feature to hide helps the player to hide in dark spaces and deceive Rod so that he cannot see them. There are many scenarios within the van and in order to win against Rod the player has to unravel all the secrets.

This game features multiple modes that include ghost mode, normal ghost as well as hard mode and requires the players to solve puzzles to rescue the kidnapped people from the van. This game involves extreme action as well as extreme horror without bloody environments or scenes making it suitable for all ages and audiences.


Q. Is this game available to be downloaded from the Google Play store?

Yes! This game is available to be downloaded directly from the Google play store and can be easily played on Android devices as this game supports Android and iOS, both versions on mobile phones. Furthermore, this game is available to be downloaded through various web pages and sites over the internet.

Q. Is the Ice Scream game extremely scary?

This game is a scary adventure game developed for android and iOS devices. There is grotesque and weird imagery inserted in this game and a horror filled atmosphere is inserted to support the horror and scream aspects of this game. When the player gets caught the sound effects and jump scares are designed to be extremely scary making it a perfect horror and scary game.

Q. How can a person get Go Kart in this game?

To get go-karts in the game the player has to first find petrol at the stalls and have to go to the gas stations available at the playground to fill petrol at gas stations. Then the players can easily fill the go kart fuel tanks with the petrol they have filled in the gas station and then can use their karts to play.

Q. How to get this game on PC?

To get Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood on their personal computers, the players has to download another software that is BlueStacks on their desktop computers then they have to complete the Google sign in to access the Play Store and then search for the game by inserting its name in the search bar available at the top right side of the application then after searching for the game there, the player has to select the game name and click on install to install the game on their computers and then after complete installation they can run and play this game on PC.


Ice Scream Episode 2: Horror NeighborhoodIce Scream Episode 2: Horror NeighborhoodIce Scream Episode 2: Horror NeighborhoodIce Scream Episode 2: Horror Neighborhood