PUBG Mobile

Version v0.17.0
Android Version Android 4.3
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer Tencent Games
93.24% (858 Ratings)



PUBG Mobile is also known as Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds, this is an action first and third person shooting game designed exclusively for mobile phone gamers. This is a free to play multiplayer as well as single player game having a variety of shooting gears and modes in a battlefield setting.

This game features huge battle maps that include Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok and are completely filled with detailed battleground areas that vary in sizes, have multiple terrains, have day and night cycles and a dynamic weather ranges featuring many urban city spaces to multiple dense jungles, tundra’s and having separate and unique challenges requiring the players to create their own strategic approach in order to win the battles.

There are many playing modes available in the game that supports these maps, these maps have 100 players in classic mode, arcade mode, four versus four death matches and as well as intense zombie modes. The players can play in single player solo modes, in dual modes or in clans having four players’ squads.

The daily events and challenges and monthly updates of the games keeps the game interesting as well as growing and expanding with improvement in anti-cheating mechanisms to have a fair and balanced playing environment. Moreover, there are multiple rides involved in the game that includes bikes, jeeps and more as well as an arsenal of realistic weapons such as machine guns, pistols, melee weapons and more.


Q. How PUBG Mobile can be run on PC?

To run Players Unknown’s BattleGrounds on a PC the player has to take support of an emulator. The Tencent developers have designed an official android emulator and a gaming buddy that supports Players Unknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile for android on their Windows of any version. After downloading this Gaming Buddy emulator, the players can easily run PUBG Mobile on their Windows PC and enjoy the battles.

Q. How do PUBG Mobile earn money?

This game features many multiple in game items like skins, outfits, armors, emotes and more. All these materials and items can be purchased using the in game currency known as UC. These UC’s are bought using real money through Google wallet or Credit cards and these purchases offer the sole source of income for the developers of the game making them earn money through this game.

Q. How does this game detect hackers?

The amazing game security team of PUBG Mobile works around the clock completely monitoring, identifying and removing cheaters from the game and banning them for ten years making it a warning and lesson for players to not hack or deter the gaming systems in order to win their chicken dinner. They have created multiple software to detect these hackers and block them.

Q. Are PUBG Mobile player bots?

No! The Lite version of this application always had bots but the console version does not have many bots. But if there is a need to fulfill the 100 player slots in the game as many online players are not available then bots are added in the game to fulfill the empty slots and start the battle royale.


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