Naruto Mobile

Version v1.36.28.6
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer Not
87.19% (1639 Ratings)



Naruto Mobile is a great role playing and action game available on android. It is an adventure game of Naruto Uzumaki and the rest of ninjas. This game is free to play and it is optimized perfectly for all android versions.

The adventure of this game consists of missions and fights. Defeat different enemies with your character and use iconic attacks and combos to finish the enemies. Learn the special attacks of your favorite characters including Naruto’s Rasengan and Chidori’s Sasuke. Learn combos and special attacks in the game.

It has great story and gameplay is so amazing. Observe the complete story of your character and start adventure with full understanding for great experience. There are many characters available in this game. Unlock different characters and upgrade their skills. Unlock special skills of character.

Play PvP combat mode, clan mission mode and also participate in daily events to earn rewards. Make a strong team and fight with other players in PvP combat. The graphics of this game is great. Well-detailed and animated type graphics make the game more stunning and incredible. It has great visuals and special effects.

It has dynamic gameplay with lots of difficulties. Complete different tasks and get rewards. Customize your character in the game and make it look unique. The controls of this game are very simple to understand. The control layout is perfectly optimized for every device. Every special button is available on touch screen.

It has incredible storyline which completes by completing missions in adventure. It is in Japanese language and hard to understand the story of the game. You can change the language from settings if option is available. Explore the area and discover secrets in the game. Unlock and customize your favorite character with super skills to defeat deadly enemies.


Q. Can I download this game for free?

Yes! This game is available to download for free for Android devices. Download the Apk file of the game and install it in your device with proper instructions. You do not need to pay anything in order to download this game in your device.

Q. Is this game available on Google Play Store?

No! this game is not officially available on google play store yet. You cannot download this game from official store. You can only download this game in android devices by downloading and installing Apk file.

Q. Can I download this game in iPhone?

Unfortunately, this game is not available on iOS devices. You cannot download this game in iPhone. This game is only available for android devices and you can download this game in android device. There is other Naruto game available on Apple store to download.

Q. Is it safe to download Apk file of this game?

Yes! It is completely safe to download the Apk file of this game in your device. It is legal to download Apk files in android. This file is fully scanned and has no virus in it. Download Apk file without any problem and install it easily.


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    Josef August 12, 2021 17:33

    Uzumaki Naruto,

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    Aron September 18, 2021 17:36

    Naruto Ukuzami

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    Caitlin October 23, 2021 00:39