MaskGun Apk

Version v3.036
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer SuperGaming
99.1% (555 Ratings)



Maskgun APK is a first-person first-player online multiplayer game for Android devices with excellent graphics and over 50 million downloads worldwide.Weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, handguns and more are available for players to choose from.

Adding upgrades like unlimited ammo and reloading will increase their range. Graphics and physics are realistic, and you can adjust their size, position, sensitivity, and more. No matter how left-handed you are, you can enjoy it with flexible controls.

In addition to solo, duo, and squad modes, you can have up to 5v5 battles against other players around the world to learn and sharpen your skills. You can defeat foes with a single hit by using the one-shot kill.

Features of MaskGun APK

This Android fun saga brings plenty of entertainment to users with its amazing features. Some of its stand-out features compulsory to include are as follows.

Skills-based FPS modes

Three distinct modes of play are available in this App, all of which are skill-based. Each mode has different challenges and missions, so you can choose any game mode according to your skills. This is a typical survival mode in which you have to survive on your own.Furthermore, you can also play team death match, where you have to put in effort and time to ensure your survival. Last but not least, you can play bomb diffuser mode, which requires a lot of tact and skill to avoid getting hit by bombs.

Level Up

Become a MaskGun master by climbing up the leaderboards. You can earn experience points by completing challenges and acquiring new masks, weapons, and equipment that will give you an edge during combat. What's even better is that these items are completely free!

Weapons to play with are very interesting

You can use this wonderful app to play your games in a much better way by using its amazing weapons. There is a great deal of power and devastation available to you to completely vanish and destroy your enemies, along with the option to combine the weapons for a very memorable Shooter game experience.

Easy-to-use and streamlined gameplay

Maskgun is an easy-to-play game since its controls are not confusing. The game will display everything correctly, and you can search for anything you need. In addition to full access to the instructions, you will be able to understand the game completely.You can download the game on your Android device whether it is a smartphone or a tablet by searching for accessible. This game has very sensitive controls that make it very simple to play. Your enemies can be defeated very easily as you can move around the map.

An Actual Friends System

In addition to making friends with other online gamers, you can also use this app. You will enjoy playing the game with your friends and make more friends as a result. In addition, you can invite these online friends to your game and do team battles and play team death match.

Maps with distinctive locations

The game has a variety of maps which you can play. You can play in Ghost Town, Diwali Yard and many other areas. Every location has a unique layout and an awesome view to fascinate you. It's possible to play your shooting game anywhere on the map and enjoy the beautiful setups.

Achievements, Missions, and Challenges

With this app, you can take part in a variety of challenges and have a lot of fun doing them. By increasing your achievements, you can reach the top of the leaderboards. Additionally, you can participate in various contests. Fun and excitement are abundant in the missions.

You can participate in global clan competitions

Global clan competitions are available in Maskgun. Participating in a clan after you compete with people all over the world is an incredible experience.

Play with other online gamers

Playing online with other players is also a fun way to make new friends while having fun. Additionally, you can enjoy playing with the world's best players. Furthermore, the opportunity to learn and become better at the game is great.

Compete and match with friends

As well as compete against your friends, Maskgun Apk allows you to make new high scores. The joy of playing with friends cannot be replaced. Combining shots is the best part of the game.

Customize your characters for free

Additionally, the characters can be customized for free in this app. You can create your own characters however you like. Your game will also look very different and unique this way.

Updates galore

Every week, Maskgun Apk will be updated with new features. While you do all the updates, it is truly fascinating.

Download and Install

There is an explosive shooting scene in the game. Take the first place in the game by picking your hero, entering the arena, and defeating other players. It is a fun, real-time multiplayer shooter game.Many players ventured onto the battlefield in search of weapons, equipment, and materials. Don't let other players attack you, download this mobile game and enjoy the battle!  This game doesn't always have a winner. MaskGun is available for download for free. If you open the menu, you will receive unlimited ammo and be able to kill your enemies in one hit.Play an FPS multiplayer shooting game featuring over 40 weapon customizations, awesome maps, and custom characters. Everyone who loves gun games will love MaskGun. The game can be downloaded from the Play Store or from our website.


With MaskGun, you'll be able to enjoy a highly entertaining first-person perspective on a first-person shooter. Achievements can only be earned by playing against multiple opponents.The game offers more than 40 different types of modern combat weapons, including snipers, shotguns, rifles, and more.You can play online battles with friends around the globe. The diverse mission system offers attractive rewards to high-achieving players. As a result, Maskgun has many essential features for a fun pastime game.


Q. Question: Is Maskgun Apk Safe to Download?

You can download Maskgun without any worries. The game is safe to play.

Q. Question: Can I Play Maskgun Offline?

Maskgun cannot be played without a network connection. You can't play it offline.


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