Sausage man Apk

Version v15.05
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
98.11% (529 Ratings)



Sausageman apk is a tactical shooting game in which you will shoot arenas with different styles and characters. This action arcade game has a friendly user interface. In this game, all you have to do is to fight and win battles. This game is available on the playstore. It is not small in size so you need good storage in your phone to download this game.

This shooting game is different and more interesting than other games because the characters and environment are totally different. Like the name of this game, your characters have sausage shapes. There are lots of sausageman characters in this game and each character has its own unique style.

What is meant by sausageman apk

It is an android shooting game in which you will use multiple weapons and win the games. There are different modes in this game like you can play battle mode, arena mode and many others. These modes are easy to play. The most attractive thing in this game is its super cute graphics. Every character has a cartoon style appearance and players can also customize them. Besides intense fighting, there is another world in this game where you can enjoy gathering other players. You can enjoy singing, dancing, and playing thrilling games with friends. You will have many amazing powers but if you use these powers correctly then you can easily defeat your nemesis.

What are the features of sausageman apk

Lots of characters

This adventure game has lots of super characters. You can unlock more than 80 characters in this game. Every character is designed differently and you will also enjoy different powers.


To make the game more interesting and attractive, each character has a unique costume. If you are not happy with your player's outfits then you can customize them. Spen in-game coins and unlock new outfits and accessories for your players.

Powerful guns

The battles in this game are not easy but it is very intense and your enemies are more powerful than you think. But don't worry because you have a variety of powerful weapons. You can buy guns and machine guns in order to kill the enemies. You can also perform stunts to earn more rewards.

Different modes

This game has a unique mode. These modes are full of adventures. In every mode, you will fight with the real online players. In some arcade battles, players can also make  teams.

VIP features

Some VIP features take the game to another level but you can only enjoy these features when you will spend real money on them.

What's new in sausageman apk

No bugs

This game was recently updated on 21 December 2022. The latest upgrade in the game has removed all the bugs and minor problems and now the game is ready to play.

Performance betterment

Gameplay has improved after the new updates. Now the features are more advanced and updated and controls are also improved.

New updates

Here's a new update of this game in which new events are now available. Christmas events are still available and now you can play Rookie training camp. In this feature you can play new challenges and earn lots of amazing rewards.

Why get sausageman apk

This game has lots of fun and thrilling features. It is a great combination of shooting and adventure. In this game, you can enjoy multiple gun battle modes. Most unique feature of this game is a party card mode where you can have fun with other sausageman players. In short, this game is real fun for those who love adventures.

Method of downloading sausageman apk

Below are the easy instructions that how you can download this game;

  • Click on Google/chrome and search this game.
  • Tap on our website and wait for a few seconds until the download button appears.
  • Press the download button to download the apk file of this game
  • Go to the download folder and install this action game without any problem.
  • Your game is now available to play.



It is an incredible game that comes with lots of advanced features. This game has various features and if you don't know how to use them then don't worry because this game also gives a detailed tutorial to all the newbies. Just play this game one time and you will get addicted to sausageman apk.


Q. How to unlock the complete gameplay of sausageman apk?

It is very simple to unlock the gameplay of this action game. All you have to do is to buy the vip features of this game.

Q. How many characters are available in sausageman apk?

If you love multiple characters in the game then you will be happy because this game has more than 90 players in this game. You can unlock any of your favorite characters.


Sausage Man ApkSausage Man ApkSausage Man ApkSausage Man ApkSausage Man ApkSausage Man Apk