Soul Knight Apk

Version 4.2.3
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Gameloft SE
99.63% (537 Ratings)



Everyone wishes and loves to enter the world of magic, aliens, suspense, thrill, and whatnot. Nowadays, games are a very important source of gaining pleasure and enjoyment. Online gaming is very in demand these days. Soul knight apk is a very advanced the end interesting game for game lovers.

This game gives you an opportunity to play with the aliens and fight with them for your world. You have to make your world survive and save your world by fighting with the creators of aliens. Those aliens are sent into your world and they are holding a magical stone balance and you have to get that stone back from them and make your word survive at the best.

If you manage to make access to the stone that is magical your world would survive and you would be the winner. And if you failed and the aliens took that stone away from you and you couldn’t make it far from the excess of the aliens you failed and your world would be thus captured by the aliens. You would ultimately enter into the dark places and would have to live under aliens.

You have to continuously fire on the aliens from your gun and other weapons so that you can make them weak in front of you and you can ultimately win the game with easy access. Everyone wants to experience such a moment in life when you are fighting with the aliens and you got a chance to save your world so this game is a must-play for everyone to experience that mystical and magical moment of your life.

Basic features of this game

This game includes plenty of groundbreaking features that earn it huge global popularity. Let's see a few of those features here.

Variety of weapons

There is a very huge variety of 120 guns and rifles being offered in this game. You just have to use these weapons and make that stone come back to your world and thus, you would be the hero of your real world to get saved from those aliens. You can upgrade your weapons and make the best use of them. This is a shooting game also and this thrill offer shooting is experienced their best day while using the best weapons and this game offers this feature.

Select your hero

This game also gives you a chance to choose from a variety of heroes that are offered by the game. You have to choose the best of the heroes so that you can fight for the magical stone and put it where it belongs to. You can choose the hero that meets your requirements and demands. This is a very magical and interesting feature also.

Maps and their specification

You can download the map in the game and thus after that, you can see where you want to play. You can explore the world for example you can see where the best of you can come out and you can make the aliens fall to the ground.  You can also improve your map by upgrading it regularly and playing the game regularly with great interest and affection.  While experiencing good the maps of this game way you will come to learn new skills and new techniques of survival. This is why this game is also known as a survival strategy game.

Automatic control keys

the automatic visual control case helps you to kill the aliens with a single click and this is thus a very easy-to-use game also. This is a very user-friendly app game and it is a shooting game so it needs to have very comfortable virtual keys to shoot the aliens at the right time so that you can conquer the stone and make your world the survivor.

HD quality image

HD quality graphics and images are also used in this game. Any game is somehow known because of the animation and graphics being used in it. The quality of images and graphics are very exceptional which is being provided by this game.

Buy more weapons

You can buy more weapons so that you can fight easily with the other creatures that are harming your world. You can upgrade your weapons as well by just playing this game continuously and daily.

Sound system

Games can be enjoyed at a higher and another level by just focusing and enjoying the music and sound that are being provided by aid and indeed it is an extra and notable feature of the game according to the point of view of the game lovers.

The sound system that is being offered by this game app is very exceptional and remarkable also. Very high-quality sound is being offered and one can enjoy the sound and music of the game at its peak level.


Who does not want the best of the NPCs in the game and the ones that really work and help you to fight with the opposite party?  This game also provides you with the opportunity that there are an unlimited number of NPCs that are fighting with you And finding the best possible way to make those aliens fail that are trying to hurt the balance of the world.

Download and install

 You can easily download this game from the website by just clicking allow files from the other documents and resources.  You have to accept their files from the third party sometimes also. You can easily download this game and enjoy killing those unwanted creatures that are disturbing your balance of the world.


This is a shooting game app and this is a mixture of the magical world and the real world. These sorts of mystical and magical elements that are being found in this game are very plus points and one can desire to play this sort of game once in a life. You should play this game so that you can enjoy the pleasures of magic and the creatures like aliens as well.

in your lifetime. You have to play it regularly and continuously and thus with the process of time you will ultimately unlock all the weapons.


Q. Can we unlock all the weapons in just one click?

You cannot unlock all the weapons in just one click. This game wants you to know more about shooting and exploring the world and experiencing different sorts of experiences in your lifetime. You have to play it regularly and continuously and thus with the process of time you will ultimately unlock all the weapons.

Q. Will this game invade my privacy and harm my phone?

This game will not harm your privacy concerns or your android phone settings. The game app ensures your privacy and you can enjoy this game without getting fear of providers or any other disturbance in your Android phone settings.


Soul Knight ApkSoul Knight ApkSoul Knight ApkSoul Knight ApkSoul Knight ApkSoul Knight Apk