Special Forces Group 2

Version v4.2 (OBB)
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer ForgeGames
94.65% (822 Ratings)



Special Forces Group 2 is an action shooting game where the player has to battle against foes by taking part in the real time combat battles featuring groups of elite forces fighting against terrorists and formations against them and the country. The player will have to make choices between chaos and law and order.

They have to select on which side they are and then will have to select a barricade and join the team. The joining in the team is not simple in this game as the player then will have to give multiple tests in a real virtual setting such as the test of dynamic fire fights, strength, explosions of rifle grenades as well as hand grenades and some other examinations that will finalize their place in the forces team.

There is an open map available for the team to explore without any restrictions or rules except for one where they have to destroy the enemy immediately as soon as they get in the way because if this is not done the systems in the game brings the player at the risk of being eliminated by fluent or aimed barrage of fire, ending their role in the game.

This game features a huge and splendid arsenal of arms and ammunition, completely stunning and real graphics as well as sound tracks to support the game playing on the screen. This game is played with teams over internet featuring various industrial complexes and urban environments and simple easy controls.


Q. In what category does this fall into?

This game falls into the action category with a unique twist.

Q. Can i access this game through Google play?

No, this is an online game with accessibility over the internet only.

Q. Is this a multi-action gameplay?

Yes, this game can be enjoyed with friends.

Q. Is this game available for free?

Yes, this game is available for absolutely free of cost.


Special Forces Group 2Special Forces Group 2Special Forces Group 2Special Forces Group 2Special Forces Group 2Special Forces Group 2



  1. Charbel Fica
    Charbel fica March 30, 2021 12:14

    i wont to downlead special force groupe 2