Talking Tom Gold Run

Version v5.7.2.1026
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer Outfit7
78.73% (1025 Ratings)



Talking Tom Gold Run is a game inspired from Subway Surfer and Temple Run in which the character keeps on running and collecting gold coins in his way.


You might remember the Talking Tom character from the application of the same name. That Talking Tom is used as a runner in the Talking Tom Gold Run game.


It is an endless run game in which the Talking Tom character has to dodge all the hurdles and obstacles from his way. In case he is hit by some object or hurdle, the game stops there and thus you need to start it over again.


This game provides a chance to collect as many good coins as one wants. All of these coins can be used to make different purchases within the game which are available there.


There are not only gold coins but there are more jewels and other things which Talking Tom picks. These objects can further get big treasures that is such a good achievement in this game. In this way you can earn more rewards and prizes in this game.


This game has brilliant 3D graphics which is quite attractive. Is it undoubtedly an addictive game which is loved by the kids, teenagers and adults equally. There is no restriction of age to play this game.


Apart from all these things, this game has a great game play. Everyone can play this game in their free time as it is quite suitable to spend time in. This game is 100% free, and carries no charges for it's download from either Google Play store or Apple App store.


This never ending run game is exciting, interesting and absolutely a great solution for every person's boredom.


Q. From which game this Talking Tom Gold Run has been inspired?

The Talking Tom Gold Run has been inspired from the legendary non-stop run games Subways Surfer and Temple Run.

Q. Is this game suitable for kids?

Yes it is. This game is absolutely good for the kids too. They can play it without any restrictions.

Q. Can I download this game for free?

Yes you can download this game for free, it has no charges.
What is the plot of this game?
The character of Talking Tom runs without any limits and collects the maximum gold coins. These gold coins can get you further rewards and prizes.


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