Mortal Kombat Apk

Version v5.0.0
Android Version 5.1+
Category Action
Languages English
Developer HOMA GAMES
98.8% (1084 Ratings)



This is an action game and it is a mobile port of the fighting game MORTAL KOMBAT. Its best and most amazing features are collectable characters, 3-on-3 duels, customization, and the iconic fatality. MORTAL KOMBAT Apk combines the two games. It is that this battle gameplay reduced the minimum action.

The players of this game cannot move their heroes. By tapping and swiping you can control the hero. You can block attacks by touching the display with two fingers. In this gameplay, you have the opportunity to collect one character from many characters.

The players of this game can also enjoy team battles. In this game, you have to fight for the yellow ninja ghost, for revenge for the death of his whole family. You need the collect card, each of the cards means the skills of the hero.

After collecting these cards the character’s skills upgraded to 100%. It includes a lot of numbers, points, figures, money, souls, and account levels. After this, you have to wait for energy reserves in the fighter to be replenished.

Features of MORTAL KOMBAT Apk

This gaming apk has many amazing and unique features. These all features are playing a very important role in the success of this apk.

Game Characters of MORTAL KOMBAT

The MK11 team is the main character of this game. This team is an extremely versatile and huge group. This versatile team has full of unique abilities and powerful equipment to beat your enemies.

This team helps you to beat the enemy. Due to powerful equipment and unique abilities this team is very important for your hero. This team is work like your friend and saved you from the evil faces of enemies.

Customize your Game

Unlock unique and amazing characters and customize your game from these characters. Win its battle to show off your skills and made a packed victory spot.

You have to need to beat enemies, unlock all characters and make records. To play beautifully you can play many levels and stages of this game and customize your game.

Receive Rewards

This is one of the coolest, most amazing and unique features of the MORTAL KOMBAT apk. These rewards can be obtained by taking a certain character on a quest.

It will not be easy to get a reward. You have to need to make a stop in, uninviting the underworld. In the underworld group of enemies are ready to beat and tease you.

Unique Graphics

The graphics of this game are unmatched. This game has unique, amazing, and beautiful 3D graphics. Every attack is designed to give you a realistic experience. Its graphics are eye-catching that make you fall in love.

Its animation is also very unique and eye-catching that console you to take your eyes off the screen. Due to its graphics and animation design, the players can not ignore this game.

In unique graphics all the material and tools are made with beautiful and amazing colors, that attracts the players. These unique colors are applied to animations beautifully.

Amazing Sound

This game has an amazing sound that attracts the players. Its realistic and amazing sound gives a sense of confidence to the players.

Its unique and amazing sound is unmatched. No doubt that many players are like and love this game due to its realistic sound.

Collection of Heroes

Now you do not need to worry about the collect your hero. This game has a collection of skilled full heroes. All the heroes are very unique features and power to beat any enemy.

There are notable characters in all heroes. Each character has different fighting skills, and it is not easy to master all of them.


Playing with multi-players is also a very unique and amazing feature. You can play with your friends and take on other players together. You can get more enjoyment to play with multi-players.

With your friends, it’s easier to take down all the enemies. To climb to the top of the leaderboard and win prizes you need to play with your friends and win all the levels and get rewards.

X-ray Effects:

This game gets high regard and is famous among the players due to this feature. These X-ray effects are very amazing and mind-blowing.

These X-ray effects attract more players. It increases the charm of this game. These X-ray effects make the game more exciting and amazing.

How to Download Apk

This unique apk is ensure that its users are always protected from everything. If you don’t find this app on the Google play store, you can always download it from any authentic website link. To install this app on android devices you have to need must follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the unknown sources in the settings and then go to the security and enable the security option.
  • Then go to the download manager of your android device and click the MORTAL KOMBAT Apk. Then download this app on your android device.
  • Now there is two option that appears on the mobile screen. There are two ways to install an operating system and all you have to do is boot it quickly on your device.
  • You will see several options on your device screen. You have to wait a little bit to appear these options on your screen.
  • When installing and downloading process is complete just click the “Open” option and open the screen on your mobile device.


There is no second option if I say that this game is the best among all fighting games for android. If you love combatting games then you download this gaming apk.

This is an action game and it is a mobile port of the fighting game MORTAL KOMBAT Apk. Its best and most amazing features are collectable characters, 3-on-3 duels, customization, and incredibility.

If you sp3-on-3ur bored and free time with a lot of enjoyment, then you must need to download this game on your android device. This game gives you enjoyment and the ability to think your yourself as a brave and skilled full person.


Q. Is this game free to play with friends?

Yes, you can enjoy the game all alone as well as with friends completely free of cost.

Q. What is the size of Mortal Kombat?

Due to high-quality graphics, visuals and gameplay, the size of the app is too large and can be run only on high-end devices. The size exceeds 1.3GB and is on the go to increase with the addition of new features with every update.


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