Extreme Car Driving Apk

Version v16.1
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Adventures
Languages English
Developer Timuz Games
98.48% (528 Ratings)



This game is a car racing simulator that is full of excitement and thrill. There is a huge amount of latest, modern, super-fast, stylish cars waiting for you. The gameplay is very engaging, worthy of its standout graphics and racing is based on extreme physics rules that give you an experience of driving a car in reality.

Driving games are among the top-notch categories of globally popular games. You can watch an unending amount of games in this car racing category. But this game is a lot superior to other racing simulators because it relies on physics rules which gives a  feeling of a realistic race. Moreover, its amazing realistic graphics make it very close to real-world racing.

This game offers plenty of racing enjoyment with its enthralling gameplay, realistic graphics, amazing sound quality, huge variety of super-speedy modern cars, plenty of tracks to enjoy, tough competition, traffic obstacles, rewards & coins, customization & upgradation of cars, high-quality realistic sound effects, plenty of gaming modes and much other excitement filled services and features.


This game has straightforward but very thrilling & exciting gameplay. As you enter the game, you choose your favourite cars from available cars in the showroom. After selecting the car, you chose the game mode from various available game modes, then you choose the track for your racing joy from available racing tracks and you are all set to go for the race. The aim is to overcome the opponents and reach the winning mark before all other participants.

Features of Extreme Car Driving APK

This game throws in a huge amount of features that make it one of the best car racing games. Let’s what this game is offering for racing lovers.

Realistic Racing Fun

This game relies on its state-of-the-art realistic graphics and extreme physics rules that make a player feel like in a real racing world where he/she is driving with the same racing rules as we do follow in the real world.

Variety of Cars to Choose From

The most important thing for a car racing game that attracts the users most, is the variety of cars offered by the game. Because if a game has high-class graphics and gameplay but restricts players to one or two cars to drive it would be really boring for a player to drive the same car all the time.

But this game includes a plethora of cars in the latest, modern & stylish designs that have powerful features and super-fast speed. You can drive any of your desired cars in this racing joy.

Plenty of Tracks Available for Racing

This game will never let you bored by wandering at the same track all the time. Rather you can go for different tracks with changing surroundings and a realistic environment. These tracks have different types of racing difficulties and variations that make the gameplay more engaging. These tracks include tunnels, curves, jumps, varying traffic density, varying difficulty levels and much more to keep you entertained.

Realistic Graphics & Sound Effects

Graphics are in high demand in the gaming world, and play a vital role in the success of a game. Gamers expect realistic high-class graphics from every game these days & feel boring with low-quality graphics. But not with this game, because it ensures high-quality realistic graphics.

Moreover, sound effects also enhance the charms of any game. This game also comes with stand-out realistic sounds of high-speed cars, horns, crashing cars, winning moments and much more which also gives the game realistic touch.

Earn Coins & High Score Rewards

There are opponents, traffic vehicles, and other obstacles on the racing track. Go on to overcome all the obstacles, achieve high speed, and make close overtakes to earn more and more coins and rewards.

Unlock Cars, Accessories & Racing Tracks

You can use your earned coins to unlock different cars available in the game, accessories for your cars and racing tracks to enjoy the race in a new environment with a better experience and more joy.

Design a Super fast Advanced Car of Your Own

Make your dream car by yourself. This game allows complete customization of cars. You can grab cars of different models, can customize them with stylish body posture, & body colours, can upgrade tyres, can try different horns, and decorative accessories & pieces to make a dream car of your own. You can also improve speed, control & breaks of your car to enjoy the race in an improved way.

Controls of The Game

This game has a variety of controls but these controls are arranged in a way that you can easily use all of the controls with ease even while driving at high speed.

Two navigation keys are there to move the car in the left or right direction, a break-key to stop your car immediately, a speed key to maintain the flying speed of your car, horn & light buttons, and a camera key to switch different view modes & angles. You can also pause a race or resume a paused race with the pause/resume button.

Rash Driving with Illegal acrobats

You can also go rash, violate rules and surpass others by dodging and damaging them, but for that, you will be chased by police and you have to stay ahead of police cars to reach the finish line.

Free of Cost

This game does not cost anything for downloading the game & enjoying the race. But there are premium paid features in the game. For instance, you can buy the latest superior cars, unlock new tracks and many other features with in-game paid purchases.

Download & Installation

This gaming adventure is developed for android users only. So android users can get this extreme racing game with a simple tap on the download button given here in the article. As you tap the download button, the download starts immediately worthy of the one-touch downloading service of this site.

After downloading the game file, open it for installation but make sure that your device allows unknown source installation. If this permission is not allowed, then allow it from the device setting of your android before proceeding towards installation setup.


This Extreme Car Driving Apk is the perfect present for every racing lover. This game offers realistic racing joy with its standout graphics & sound effects with realistic effects. Plenty of globally popular car models to ride on.

Plenty of tracks with amazing naturalistic environments, complete customization authority, simple but powerful controls and plenty of more features make it a perfect racing adventure for racing gamers.


Q. Can Invite my friends to play with me?

No, this game does not offer any online contest b/w players.

Q. Is this app compatible with iPhone?

No, it is complete android material and can not be enjoyed on iPhone.


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