SpongeBob's Game Frenzy

Version v1.5.2
Android Version Android 2.3.3
Category Adventures
Languages English / Russian
Developer Nickelodeon
87.84% (1003 Ratings)



SpongeBob’s Game Frenzy is a great gaming application about the adventure of Bob across the underwater world. There are so many different mini-games available in this gaming application. The storyline of games is so interesting and awesome. It is specially optimized for android device.

Every mini-game is based on Bob’s adventure. Play games and collect coins in the game. There are so many fun tasks in the game. The graphics are great and detailing make it more animated type. Visuals and sound effects make it more interesting and funny. Play games and make a way through hurdles and different obstacles.

Unlock more games and play them to earn rewards. The more you play, the more you will get in the game. There are fortune cards which gives you mysterious items in the game. Each game you play will get you the fortune card that can bring fortune to you in game.

Create a winning streak in the game and make your own world record. Winning streak will make the game more difficult and will increase the game speed. Complete challenges and unlock unique rewards. Play with your friends and family and make high score to beat them.

Unlock All Star Cards in the game by completing unique challenges and tasks. Create playlist and challenge your friends and family in different mini games. The controls are very easy in each mini game. The control interface on screen is clean and simple to understand. Play this game in offline mode as well.

Unlock characters and play with them to unlock even more great mini games. Play with great Wumbozi and collect rewards. Complete the story of Bob and Patrick. Fortune cards also unlock tons of great mini games. Download and start playing this game with your friends.


Q. How to get this game?

This game is officially available on google play store but you will need to buy this game if you want to install it. It is a paid game and you cannot download it for free from google play store.

Q. Can I download this game without paying?

Yes, you can download this game without paying anything. Download this game in the form of Apk and install it in your device. Downloading Apk will cost you nothing at all.

Q. How much mini games available in this gaming application?

There are 50+ unique and interesting mini games available in this gaming application.


SpongeBob's Game FrenzySpongeBob's Game FrenzySpongeBob's Game FrenzySpongeBob's Game FrenzySpongeBob's Game Frenzy



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