Survivalcraft 2

Version v2.2.10.4
Android Version Android 2.3.3
Category Adventures
Languages English / Russian
Developer Candy Rufus Games
95.23% (713 Ratings)



Survivalcraft 2 is action and adventure type game. it is popular game that’s why it has so much users. This game is quite interesting to play because it is a block terrain and you have to survive on abandon island. You cannot leave which means there is no escape. In this game you have to learn in order to survive.

This interesting game has very unique feature such as graphics are good in quality and this is a 3D game so overall visual effects of this game are quite good. Background music quality is also great in quality. Best thing about this game is that you can play together with your friends with split screen which is surely a great thing. You can create anything like you can design your own furniture, design room and decorate anything.

This game is full of adventures even you can design electronic devices. You need to learn how you can leave and how you can create and design things for yourself. In this game you will find many realistic animals like deer, horse, loin, tiger, crow and etc. This game has five interesting modes harmless, challenging, creative, cruel and adventure.

You have to create different weapons to hunt animals and for your protection. By the time you will find some really dangerous weapons which can destroy entire island. This would be a challenge for you to maintain your presence on your island to make it better place for yourself. You can upgrade your character with different clothes and you will be able to improve skills to get good result. 

You can go underwater to get fish. Basically this game has its own world where you have to live and build in order to survive. So just download and start building your own island today.


Q. is this game is for free or paid?

NO! this game is not free which means you have to pay to get this game. But this isn’t bad to give money for this game because it is very interesting and time killer.

Q. Is there any way to get this game for free?

Yes! you just have to download Apk file from website and install then you can play this game for free.

Q. Is it safe to get Apk file?

Yes! this is 100% safe you can download Apk file without any problem.


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