Adventure Of Scrap Mechanic

Version v1.8
Android Version Android 4.3
Category Arcade
Languages English / Russian
Developer itihonon
98.01% (553 Ratings)



Adventure of Scrap Mechanic is an arcade game where the players have the opportunity to build their own complex mechanics with multiple tools and tips and tricks in this simulation game and create variety of vehicles. This application provides a platform to input knowledge and skills and create a variety of vehicle on mobile devices.

This application is built in a way that the players has to use all of their creative as well as engineering experience and knowledge to the maximum levels by using every inch of detail as they will have to build fantastic and unique mechanisms and vehicles that will have to move onto multiple open end game maps having different atmospheres and environments.

The player them self will travel through these countless locations and environments and will have to test their devices and their mechanisms. The players can jump into the built in cars and fly at the speed of a rocket on land by pressing their foot on the gas pedals.

The game features adventure as well as building and a set of customizations as this game allows the players to customize the traits of their own cars in order to run them smoothly and comfortably on the maps provided by the developers.

With realistic physics and easy controls, featuring an original gameplay and high quality graphics with excellent music options, this game is perfectly designed to create cars and is optimized to run smoothly on every device available while being on the go.


Q. What are the special features of this game?

This is an arcade game with various music options.

Q. Is this a multi-action game play?

No, this is a single player game with no other players required.

Q. What are the disadvantages of this game?

The game is heavy upon download and it can interfere with your device’s operations.

Q. Where can I download this game?

You can easily get this game from Google play to install.


Adventure Of Scrap MechanicAdventure Of Scrap MechanicAdventure Of Scrap Mechanic