Geometry Dash

Version v2.111
Android Version Android 4.0
Category Arcade
Languages English / Russian
Developer RobTop Games
86.18% (1085 Ratings)



Geometry Dash is a rhythm based running game. It has unique background music in every stage. It has 20+ levels and each level gets difficult. It is free to play game and every feature is unlocked. It has very easy controls.

The gameplay is very easy, just tap on screen to jump your character from obstacles. Every level has unique and great background music which will keep you playing. It has feature to build your own level using level editor.

There are tons of character icons available in this game. Unlock new icons and customize it uniquely. Customize character with different colors. Fly rockets, cars icons, flip gravity and more. It is optimized perfectly for every android device.

Complete different tasks and achievements in the game and get rewards. Complete levels and get secret coins to buy new character skins and more. It has practice mode as well to sharpen skills. Beat your own record and make new high score.

Each level has three “secret coins” which help to unlock new levels in the game. unlock new levels with secret coins. Set checkpoints in practice mode and upgrade skills by creating your own level. Complete challenges to unlock premium icons.

It has online mode where a player can download created levels and upload his own generated level. Avoid the obstacles and clear the levels to win rewards and secret coins. Complete the daily and weekly challenges in the game. Get diamonds by completing 1v1 challenges in game.


Q. How many levels does this geometry dash apk has?

There are 20 levels of this game which keep getting difficult as soon as one reaches the new one.

Q. Is this game available for free?

Yes this game is completely free of cost. There are no charges or in-app purchases of this game.

Q. It is available on Apple App store?

Yes this game is easily available on the apple app store too. It is also available on the Google Play store for the Android users.

Q. Is there any customization option in this game?

Yes, this game allows you to customize it's characters with some features and icons.


Geometry DashGeometry DashGeometry DashGeometry DashGeometry DashGeometry Dash