GTA Vice City Apk

Version v1.09
Android Version 7.0 and up
Category Arcade
Languages English
Developer Rockstar Games
99.23% (520 Ratings)



Grand theft Auto APK (GTA) is one of the most popular gameplay available online. This action-adventure game has first been launched by Rockstar London in 2002. This game gained tremendous popularity soon after it was launched. Initially, it was only launched to be played using play stations However, with the passage of time and advancement in the gaming industry, this game was made available to other mediums as well.

It has been estimated that over 17.5 million copies of GTA have been sold so far.If you are a fan of action-orientated and crime-related games, then you should download this game right away. In this third-person shooter game, various weapons are available that would help you in the accomplishment of the mission assigned to you.This game is  considered one of the first free-play games introduced in the gaming industry.

As it allows the gamers to roam around freely if the required mission has been accomplished. They can steal, murder, buy weapons or simply roam around on the streets.

Features of GTA vice city APK

This amazing game consists of numerous features that make this game out stand from other action-oriented games.

Cool graphics

This incredible game is crafted with a lot of detailing to grab the attention of the gamer and to make the impact of visuals strong. The striking lighting effect and prominent shadowing create an everlasting impact on the game. In addition to the lighting effect, the backdrop used in the game also looks realistic. The biggest graphical feature offered in this game is the facial expressions of the characters which are not cartoonish at all, and this feature also brings reality in the game.


Another exciting feature of this game is its availability in many languages. It means that there are chances that you can enjoy this game in your native language based on its availability. This feature contributes a lot to the popularity of this game as this feature is not found in many popular games.

Interesting missions

This incredible game can engage the gamer in the gameplay for hours because of the countless interesting mission and tasks that need to be completed by the gamer.  This helps to engage gamers without giving them a chance to quit or stop the game. The completion of one task has immediately directed the gamer to another task and the chain continues.


One of the features that really made this game this popular is its compatibility with many controllers,  including the MoGa Wireless Game controller and USB controller. You can enjoy this ultimate power action game with multiple devices.

Personal customization

This amazing feature of the GTA game makes this game user-friendly. The gamer can customize the settings of the game according to their own choices. Multiple options for customization are available. Users can customize the clothing of characters, backdrop, visuals and even the type of weapons used. This game offers three types of weapons to be used, including machine guns, handguns and energy weapons. The skin and hair color of the characters can also be customized using various options. In short, you can design the whole outlook of the game according to your taste.

Upgraded maps

Maps of the city have been upgraded to the newest version of the game. Some new more exciting places have been added to the game to give gamers a more realistic yet incredible experience of the game. The addition of new maps in the city also makes the mission challenges. However, it can be handled and accomplished easily by adopting intelligent strategies.

Intact framework

The intact framework of this adventurous game is yet another feature to cherish. Continuous fighting, running and other action can create disturbance in the framework of some action games. However, in this game, the transition between the action scenes is more realistic and intact. In addition to this, the background sound effects create more realistic effects in the game.  The gamer can experience the ultimate excitement while doing actions like fighting and running. If you are a fight lover then this effect will surely leave you astonished.

Download and install

Now you know so much about the GTA game and you must be wondering where you can download this game. Below is the attached link to the website which can provide you with the free download link of this game. You can easily get access to the game by clicking on the website link.  So, don’t waste further time scrolling up and down and get your hand on the free version of the game to experience the magnificent world of GTA vice city APK.Once you click the download button the download starts instantly. But it is a very prolonged process as the app ranges 1.5 GB in size. So be patient and make sure that your device is on a veery good internet connection. Once the wait for download ends, go to your device setting instantly. Turn on the permission of unknown source app installation and come back to the downloasded file again. Open it and get the app installed by clicking the install option.


The GTA vice APK is a great source of entertainment for game lovers. As you can enjoy the beautiful visuals of various places in the city along with customizing your favourite character and causing different crimes in the city.  This game will offer you all sorts of adventures. This game is easily available on our website.It has been estimated that there are nearly 45 million people out there who are enjoying this game on a daily basis. Isn’t it amazing? These statistics can easily give you an idea of the popularity of this game.  The interesting features which have been mentioned earlier are also playing a huge role in the popularity of this game. This game is successful in maintaining its unique style and elements over the course of years.


Q. How many GB does GTA takes?

GTA Vice City was one of the most technically advanced games available at the time of its debut in 2006. The game takes up about 1.5 GB of storage space, and it takes about 19-20 hours to complete the main story.

Q. Can I download GTA Vice City free?

Although Rockstar Games charges gamers to download their games, you can acquire a free version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City by installing an Android emulator on your PC and playing the new 40+ cars, places, and tools that have been added to the game's tenacity.


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