Red Ball 4 Apk

Version v1.4.21
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Arcade
Languages English
Developer FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
98.59% (497 Ratings)



The love for games has always been seen in every generation. Games play an important role in making one's mind at peace. Online games are getting more acknowledgement day by day. Online gaming is of many categories and genres. One has to find a perfect game that is perfect for you.

This game is a perfect game with very simple and basic gameplay. This game provides you with a healthy environment and surrounding with very shiny and bright colours that soothe your eyes as well. You confront many different sorts of environmental interactions while playing this game. You explore and travel in this game and basically, this game is about bouncing.

 The gameplay looks very simple and the first 45 stages are very simple and easier to pass but after that difficult and higher levels of the game start and you enjoy another level after passing the initial 45 stages of this game.

 Despite being very simple and basic, the game is very interesting and eye-catching. Adults, as well as children, love to play this game and this can be noticed by seeing the rating of this game.

The first 45 stages are very easy as well as very short but after that difficult stages can be played.  Basically, in this game, there is a red ball that is continuously bouncing and you have to reach that red ball by the end of each level and this leads you to victory.  After passing each level you gain some stars and this led you to move on to the other level.

Basic features of this game

A game having four sequels shows the success & popularity of the game. This 4th sequel of the Red Ball game has plenty of features to entertain the players. Let’s have a look at a few important features of this game.

Virtual Keys

There are right and left buttons that are used to move the bouncing ball and they are very easy to use. You have to just gently press the left or right virtual key and this will initially move your red ball to help you to let it continuously bounce and fight it till the end of the level.

Offline Game

Once you have downloaded and installed this game, you can now easily play this game while you are using the Internet or if you are online you can also play this game. Many games can only be played while using the Internet service but playing such a game that can also be enjoyable for you while not having the opportunity to use the Internet is a great feature and is the cherry on the top of the cake.


This game is a source of very quick entertainment. Once you have started to play this game it will grab your interest initially you have to play and ultimately you will find the player.

Very Popular

This game is quite popular among children as well as the youth. This factor can be known because when the game was released it got fame in a very short period. It was downloaded by millions of people in a very short tenure and got fame at a higher level.

As many as 75 Levels

This game is not something that is at a very short package. It provides you with 75 levels and you can enjoy this game for a long period. You just have to play and conquer the levels and thus find happiness and enjoyment in it after playing each level. After the 45 first levels of easiness you have to face the difficult ones and this will give you even more enjoyment and thrilling vibes.

Battles & Enemies

 You have to face battles and enemies and this will lead you to have some patience level in you also.  Life is something named to finding and quarrel your demons and battles and this game is having a hidden message in it as well. You can fight more nicely after solving the puzzles and quizzes in this game.

Heavy Soundtracks

This game also supports a very good sound system. You can enjoy the music and the sound of the bouncing red ball to bless your ears with the tick tick and happiness.

Unlimited Lives

Unlimited lives this game gives you a chance to play unlimited lives. You are not going to face the difficulty that now you have to start the game from the initial stage just because you failed to secure the red ball. You are having a great advantage and the greatest feature of this game is that there are an unlimited number of lives and you can enjoy this game as much as you want to.

No Ads

There are no ads in between playing this game and this will let you have a full confirmation and a great mindset while playing this game. There are so many online games in which you have to face hindrance because of the ads that are being played in the background but in this game, there is no such difficulty and a gamer can enjoy it without any issue.

Unlocked all premium features

 You can unlock all the premium features so just by playing continuously this game daily. There is no such thing that will make you feel that this is a difficult thing to unlock the premium features of this game it is all in your hands but just continue and focused on playing this game. Ultimately you are going to have so much fun and excitement on your own.

Download & Installation

This game can easily be downloaded from the Android play store as well as from this page. This game ensures you the fact that it is a very secure platform to enjoy and play. To get a game from the play store, just open Playstore on your Andriod and type the name of the game to install it.

While to grab it from this page, just click on the link ‘download’ button given on this page. It will redirect you to another page where there is a download button. Just press this button to start downloading the file. Once the file is downloaded, go to the device setting menu & allow the installation of apps from unknown sources and then switch back to the downloaded file. Open it and complete the installation of the game on your android.


This game is a very wholesome and complete package. If anyone wants to enjoy such a game That is easy going and also full of enjoyment excitement and thrilling process this game is all that you need to download and enjoy from its features.




Q. Can this game be also installed on iOS?

Yes, this game can also be installed on iPhones. It can be installed on Android phones as well as on all other play stores also.

Q. Can you download this game for free?

Yes, you can download this game for free. You just have to download and install it from the website or the play store and it is all for free thus you unlock the passage to your excitement


Red Ball 4 ApkRed Ball 4 ApkRed Ball 4 ApkRed Ball 4 Apk