Farming Simulator 18

Version v1.4.0.7
Android Version Android 4.4
Category Educational
Languages English / Russian
Developer GIANTS Software
88.05% (1481 Ratings)



Farming Simulator 18 is a popular 3D entertaining and casual game on android. Start farming in the game and become happiest farmer. This game is based on open world feature. The game has vast open world to explore. Grow various crops and harvest crops in a fun way. It has new front loader attachments.

Player can grow wheat, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, sunflowers and many different vegetables. Breed cattle and sheep and pigs in the game. This is a simulation game based on real life terminology. Participate in various activities and competitions to sell your goods in the market. Expand farm and upgrade the facilities for better crops.

This game has 50 different vehicles and machines for harvesting. Harvest different vegetables and grow more vegetables. This game has 3D graphics with realistic detailing. The visuals make the game more realistic and enjoyable. Use any realistic tractor or other vehicle in the game.

Breed different animals and sell them to earn profits. Feed cows and sheep for milk and wool and sell them to earn money in the game. Explore the whole world in the game. The controls of this game are very simple and easy. This game has AI helper for better management and result.

This game has local multiplayer feature as well. Play with friends in multiplayer mode for WiFi. Harvest woods with heavy machinery and sell them to get profit. Buy different things in the game and upgrade vehicles and tractors.


Q. Can I play download this game from Google Play Store for free?

No! You cannot download this game for free. You can only download this game after buying it. It is not freely available on official stores of smart devices.

Q. How can I play this game for free?

You can download this game for free in the form of Apk. Download the Apk first and then install it in your device, then you will be able to play this game for free. You can download the Apk file for free without paying anything.

Q. Is there any virus in this Apk file?

No! There is no any kind of viruses in this Apk. Every Apk file is fully scanned from malwares and spywares. You can download Apk files without any fear of getting virus.

Q. Is this game available on iPhone?

Yes! This game is also available on iOS platform. You can download this game from Apple store but you will need to buy this game. This game is not available for free on iOS devices.


Farming Simulator 18Farming Simulator 18Farming Simulator 18Farming Simulator 18Farming Simulator 18Farming Simulator 18