Toca Life World Apk

Version v1.45
Android Version Android 5.0 +
Category Educational
Languages English
Developer Toca Boca
99.45% (1096 Ratings)



Toca Life World APK  is an excellent video game suitable for everyone- children and adults alike. It's also quite similar to games like "Miga Town." However, now you make anything you'd like in a complete fantasy world with lots of things to play with and things to explore: all for absolutely nothing. Toca Life: World.

Toca Life: World, you enter a random, computer-generated world unique to you. You'll soon find your home, inside which you live with such a bunch of buddies. In the meantime, you can shop, dine at restaurants, go to theme parks, and do other things.

 In addition, like "midtown," every aspect of your environment is available to be explored and take pleasure in. You can also create new objects by mixing objects you collect and save. For instance, if you buy spaghetti and tomatoes and pasta, you can make a tasty pasta dish. If you combine rice with fresh fish, it's sushi!

More About the App

Once you're back home, even though you'll discover that there are roommates in your home, You still have the option to make your character before you make yourself at home. You could even offer your roommates the boot if you wish to and decide to live independently.

However, you can modify things in any way you'd like. You can also change the furniture until you feel comfortable and settled in your new house by modifying it in whatever way you can imagine.

The best part is that, for instance, if you go to the store and then return home, the goods that you purchased will remain at your fingertips when you step through the front doors, as on the ground. You can experience a fantastic virtual life with entertaining things due to Toca Life: World. Toca Life World is an amazing game with stunning images and virtually endless possibilities of making and playing with nearly everything you can imagine.


Toca Life World is a fantastic world-creator game that lets you play the way you wish. Using this programme, you can accomplish a great deal more. The following are a few of its more noteworthy features.

Unique gameplay

There are a lot of kid-friendly games out there. However, Toca Life World is head and shoulders above the competition. In the game, you have the option to create multiple tales set in a variety of worlds. Even if you opt to bring animals to school, the outcome is entirely up to you in this game.

You can create the world you've ever wanted to live in without being hindered. In addition, many interesting locations in will warm your heart! Using Toca Life World, you can tell your story and explore the universe. Locations In the Toca Life world, there are eight locations that you can first visit. Restaurants, residential complexes, and even hair salons are included in this category. It's an excellent start to creating a world that only you could dream of. Even still, this is only the beginning of the possibilities; there are countless others to be discovered.

Game Characters & Locations

Discover, as many as 8 maps including Bop city, Vibrant city and other locations. So explore the world’s maps to discover different shopping malls, hairdressers, food & much more. Besides these 8 maps, users can buy up to 100 other maps from the in-app store.

This game offers as many as 39 game characters to choose from. In addition to these 39 initially available amazing characters, users can buy up to 500 characters as well as 500 pets. So try different game characters and pets for the amazement of your kids.

Be a Storyline Creator

As you enter most of the games you are bound to the storyline given by those games, but this game gives you a chance to be a creator of your own storylines. Include different assets, hairstyles, maps, places, malls, food points and much more to set a storyline of your own.

Interface & Graphics of Game

As the game is specially designed for kids and youngers, it comes with easy to use & understand interface and 2D graphics. Despite having 2D graphics, the game has everything perfectly placed and once you get in the game the graphics of the game and gameplay start addicting you to the game.

Ads Free

This game has restricted all sorts of in-game ads to avoid boredom as well as inappropriate content that might be risky for your kids.

Download & Installation

To download the finest title of the Toca Life series, click the link given in the download button. Downloading will be prolonged as the size exceeds 0.55GB. So make sure that you have a strong wifi or cellular internet connection. As the download is completed, go to the setting menu and allow the app installation from an unknown source. Now go to your device file storage and locate the downloaded file. Open the file and complete the installation.


If you are finding a perfect game for your kids or you yourself are a big lover of Toca Series games then this is the game you were waiting for. This is an educational and learning title for your kids & youngers. The game comes with 2D graphics. Interface & controls are so easy to understand and use that a child can run & play the game on its own.

Moreover, the game has a unique world with more than 100 maps to explore with 500 game characters and 500 pets for your game Kids character.


Q. Is Toca Life World Safe for kids & devices?

Yes, the app is completely safe for your device as the app is verified & protected by Google play. Moreover, the app is considerably designed for children keeping in view all the concerns about the children. The app does not contain ads & doesn’t have any chat feature. So there is no risk of anyone approaching your child or any inappropriate content via ads.

Q. Does this game contain any sort of In-app Purchases?

Though there is plenty to play for free this game does contain in-app purchases where you can find up to 100 maps, 500 characters as well as 500 pets and much more.


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