Text Or Die APK

Version 4.9.3_1445
Android Version 7.0 and up
Category Educational
Languages English
Developer Rollic Games
99.82% (548 Ratings)



Text or Die Apk is a general knowledge-based IQ testing game where you have to answer different questions. It is a sort of puzzle where you are standing on a building made of different coloured blocks. You are asked a question among other players, all the players have the same question to answer. The player with the longest answer will have greater chances to win and stay alive in the game.This game belongs to the Arcade category of games which are very popular among the players but this game is quite different from all other arcade games worthy of its unique gameplay. The game comes with very addictive gameplay and plenty of rounds & levels. Once you get started, you just go on to play round after round and level after level.This game not just kills your boredom but also sharpens your mind & thinking power and challenges your knowledge power. You just have to quickly think about the longest answer to the question.


It is a unique sort of trivia where you start the game with your game character standing on a block building in water with other players standing in the same situation. All the players standing on building blocks in water are asked the same question. You just have to think of the longest possible right answer to the asked question, because the longer your answer higher the building will rise in the water.After every question, the water level increases. Hence the smaller answers will cause you to sink in the water and your game character will be eaten up by a shark while the longest answers will let you stand on a taller building in the water. The player standing atop each level will be the winner of that level.

Features of Text or Die APK

This is a very unique game & has plenty of brainstorming features that will put you to a real test. Some of its features that make it a very unique and lovable game in the arcade category are mentioned below.

Very Unique Game Trivia

Games involving different sort of trivia causes curiosity in players. But this game is the most thrilling & curious of all other trivia games because it includes a very unique trivia which you had never experienced before.

In this trivia, you have to think and type in the longest answer to the asked question because the letters of your answer word serve as building blocks for growing building taller on which your game character stands. The best thing about game trivia is that you are asked a different question every time.

A General Knowlege Boost

In this game, you are asked different GK questions, if you know the right answers and type them in the game along with other players. But if you don’t have the right answer then the answers of other players boost up your knowledge. Even if you know the right answer, other players’ answers are always enhancing your knowledge plethora.

Game modes

You can enjoy the adventure of diving into the GK ocean all alone or can enjoy the trivia with other players in multiplayer mode as well as tournaments including top-notch players from all over the world.

Lots of Levels to Play

This game will not let you bore with always changing and challenging questions at each game level. There are plenty of levels to compete in. At each level, there are plenty of question answers round and you have to stand tall by answering possibly extended answers to those asked questions.

Graphics of Game

Although it is a text-based trivia game where you have to type in the answers of different asked questions, still this game managed very realistic game graphics and visuals which gives a feeling of being in very tough condition and really gonna sink if did not answer the questions with right and extended words.

Coins & Rewards

On clearing each level you are rewarded with some coins, win more and more levels to earn plenty of coins. The game allows you to use hints during gameplay. You can use the earned coins to get hints. You can also use coins to unlock different exciting game characters. Bonus rounds are also there to give you a bigger loot of coins.

Download & Install

If you are an iPhone user then grab the app from the official app store of Apple. You can grab this trivia adventure from Google Play Store as well as from this page as well if you are an android user. To grab it from our site’s page, just click the ‘Download’ button included on the page to start the download process. The download is followed by the installation process.For Installation, launch the setting menu of your device and allow unknown source permission from the security tab. Now locate and open the downloaded APK file for this game and complete the installation by clicking on the install option.


This game is a very fun-filled trivia that tests, challenges and boosts your knowledge power as well as enhances your thinking speed. So grab the game now and participate in this awesome knowledge-boosting competition to show your mind power to the world.Give extended answers to stay in the game, use hints to save your character from sinking, and keep a close eye on others’ answers as well to grasp additional knowledge.



Q. What is the compatibility of Text or Die Apk?

This game is equally popular among android as well as iOS users and is compatible with all sorts of android & iOS devices.

Q. Is Text or Die free to play?

Yes, you can enjoy this arcade gaming title absolutely free on any sort of android or iOS device without paying any real penny either for download or for enjoying the features of this trivia adventure.


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