Toon Blast APK

Version v8748
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Puzzles
Languages English
Developer Peak
99.63% (536 Ratings)



Toon Blast is a puzzle-solving adventure with a sort of similar gameplay as ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and other 3-match puzzle-solving games but it has more entertaining and cartoon animated funfilled graphics. You just have to match 3 blocks with the same colour.

Puzzle-solving games are collecting a lot of praise and love in the gaming world. These games are challenging, test your brain & patience, and enhance your curiosity & struggle to overcome the difficulties.

In this game, you have to match three same colour blocks to blast them. You are assigned a number of blocks to blast in a limited number of allowed moves. You are also given different kinds of boosters like bombs etc which assist you to blast more blocks in a single move causing quick clearance of different levels. But be cautious in using your moves as well as boosts because those are given in limited amounts.


This game composes very addictive, engaging and challenging gameplay. You enter the game with a field decorated with small movable blocks of different colours arranged irregularly. You are assigned a number of blocks to blasts and are allowed to make a limited number of moves.You have to move blocks to match 3 or more blocks of the same colour to blast them out of the field. You have to clear the assigned number of blocks within limited allowed moves to proceed to the next level. You are also assisted with different boosts. If you run out of move then you have to give it another try to clear this level.

Tips & Features

Toon blast encloses a respectable amount of funfilled exciting features that make the gameplay very engaging and attract millions of players from all over the globe. Here are a few important features and tips for this game are listed.

Assistive Boosters

When you get started with this game, you are provided with a number of different boosters that assist to clear different levels by exploding plenty of blocks in a single move. Boosters offered by this game include Dico Balls which blast all blocks of one colour with which you move this Disco Ball in the field.There is a Rocket booster that blasts all the blocks in a line either vertical or horizontal if it is moved vertically or horizontally respectively. The bomb is also there is a booster pack which explodes from 6 to 8 blocks around it in one moveThese boosters are only supplied at the start of the game in the very first level and are very tough to earn during higher levels. So be cautious in the use of these boosters and only use them in tough levels where you are getting failed on multiple tries and finding it impossible to clear without assistive boosts. 

Star Chest

After clearing each level you are awarded different scores and graded with 1, 2 or 3 stars according to your performance. But up to 15 levels, you don’t need to worry at all about those stars because the star chest is unlocked after level 15.

Play with Buddies & Make New Friends

You can play this game with your real-life friends. Actually, this game allows you to sync the game with Facebook. Once you synced the game with Facebook, you and your all Facebook buddies can challenge each other for clearing more levels, a race to reach a defined number of levels.You can also different unknown players appearing on the global leaderboard as your game friend. You can share lives with your game friends to help them out.

Never lose your Progress

Syncing this game not just connects you with your buddies on the game but also helps to save your game progress. If you change a device or delete this game, you can resume your game from the same level where you left if your game is synced with Facebook.

Create a team or join a Team

Once you have cleared the initial 20 levels, you are allowed to create a team with your buddies if you have enough game coins. If your coins bag is not good enough to create a team then you can join other teams by sending a join request. Being a team member allows us to share lives and boost gifts.

Tackle the Lives Problem

This game offers a limited number of lives and you have to wait for at least 2 hours to get lives tank full again. But you can tackle this problem by just forwarding the date or time from your device setting and coming back to the game to enjoy the full life. You can also share these lives with yourteamates.

Plenty of Levels to Play

This game offers a huge amount of levels. The difficulty level goes on to increase with each passing round of the game. So you have to come best with the strategies to clear all the assigned blocks within allowed moves.

Download & Installation

You can get this game from the official app store of Apple & Play Store for iOS & Android devices respectively. Android users can also grab this app with a simple click on the download button included on this page.

After downloading the game file, you have to switch on the unknown source application installation toggle from the security tab of the main setting of your android device if it is disabled. Now proceed with installation by opening the game’s APK file and tapping on the install button included in the file.


Toon Blast is really a mind-relaxing game that blast all the tensions in your mind. It develops your mind character to tackle different typical situations and boosts up your thinking power.You can enjoy plenty of levels offered in the game, very engaging animated graphics with amazing & relating sound effects, assistive boosters to tackle difficult conditions and addictive gameplay make it a fine grab for gaming lovers.




Q. Is Toon Blast safe for my device?

The availability of the game on Playstore and the trust of millions of players from all over the world suggest that this is a very safe game for all sorts of devices.

Q. Are there any premium purchases in the game?

Yes, you can buy different boosters, unlimited lives and special offers from in-game purchases.


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