Diablo Immortal Apk

Version v1.7.0
Android Version 6.0 and up
Category Role playing
Languages English
Developer Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
98.86% (525 Ratings)




Diablo immortal APK is a role playing action game in which you will fight with the demons and explore a new word. It is a great action game that is now available on all Android devices. In this classic action game, there are hundreds of iconic heroes. In this game each hero has unique powers and specialities. This game is a creation of blizzard entertainment, inc. This game has a huge open world map which you can explore with your hero.

You have to face so many enemies in this game but if you win these battles then you can also collect these demons. If you are a person who loves to play high graphics games then you will definitely love the concept of diablo immortal because it has intense graphics. To make this game more intense you will also experience many amazing visual effects.

What is meant by diablo immortal APK

Diablo immortal APK is an intense action adventure game in which you will experience the fight between angels and demons. In this section game you have to fight with the powerful demons. You can also make your player more powerful than anyone using upgrades. Moreover there are several customisation options available which you can avail without spending any money. You want to enjoy angel versus demon battles with your friends then you can also join online forces. You and your friends can together make a powerful team and defeat all the mythical demons.

In this game in-app purchases are available for those who want complete Access on the game play of diablo immortal. We have so many things to discuss about this amazing game and if you are willing to know all the key features of this game, then read each and every single word written in this article.

What are the features of the diablo immortal APK

Compete and win

This game is full of adventures and thrills. If you love fighting games then you must try this action game because it has unbelievable amazing action gameplay. You have to make strategies to win the battles from demons. There are many places in this game that are unlocked but when you complete the battles, you will be able to unlock different locations.

Fight with demons

This action game has two categories: one is a pair of angels and the second one is forces of demons. These demons are more powerful than your imagination but if you upgrade your player regularly, then you will be able to win the game.

Upgrade your powers

Every character in this game has special powers and abilities. Before you unlock the character you will read the description in which all their specialities are written. Once you select a player then you must upgrade their powers and weapons in order to make them undefeatable.

Hundreds of iconic heroes

This game is best for those who love intense action games. This game has powerful heroes and you can unlock your favorite fighter. You can be a demon hunter, barbarian hunter, monk, wizard etc. Every character has their own weapons.

Multiplayer mode

To make your game or interesting and addictive developers have added and other more that is a multiplayer mode of this game. In this game you can join online players to fight with the powerful bosses.

What's new in diablo immortal APK

New customisations

There are several items available to customize your player. You will get many accessories which you can use to make a premium look to your hero. you will get new customisation tools everytime the developers update the game.

Better graphics & controls

It is very important to keep the graphics and controls of this game stabilized and that is why, in the latest update the main focus was on graphics and controlling system. Some new visual effects have been added in the game.

New gems

Using gems, you can make your clear more powerful and the good news is, the latest update has bought 5 new gems.

Why get diablo immortal APK

Diablo Immortal APK gameplay never disappoint The gamers and that is why it has millions of fan following around the globe. The best part of this game is that anybody can download this game on their Android devices because it is completely free.


If you have an Android phone and also you are a fan of Diablo Immortal then you must download this game right now.


Q. Can I play Diablo Immortal APK without the internet?

No! This game does not have offline mode and that means the internet is required to enjoy this RPG game.

Q. Is there any subscription package available in the diablo immortal APK?

No! On just a few items you need to pay money otherwise all the features of this game are free to use.


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