Genshin Impact Apk

Version v4.2.1_18831865_18963989
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Role playing
Languages English
Developer miHoYo Limited
97.73% (528 Ratings)



Role playing action games have a separate fan base and that is why today we are here with an amazing action game. Name of this game is Genshin impact apk. Genshin is a great game that has end level graphics. Because of its graphics performance, it has millions of players around the world.

If you are a fan of action games then the best choice for you is Genshin impact apk. This action game has commendable features. In this game, different missions are available and you will explore an open world action map. This game has different characters and together you and your siblings will complete the challenges.

What is meant by genshin impact apk

Genshin impact apk is a game for those who love adventures. This game is full of thrills and adventures. Every character of this game has unique powers and you will work together as a team. You can customize your players, upgrade their powers and buy premium this game you will find the answers to 7 Gods. It is not easy to find answers but you have to face so many hurdles and hardships. Dozens of characters are available and they will be unlocked when you complete the given tasks. You can also join forces to make yourself more powerful and strong.

What are the features of genshin impact apk

Intense graphics

50 million players love this game because of its extremely amazing graphics. Visual effects and soundtracks of this game are superb. This game also has a weather changing feature that works automatically.

Create your team

There is a way through which you can make a game more interesting. Team up in this game is very important and you know what? You guys can create amazing teams with your friends. Boss fights are very difficult but you can defeat these bosses with your friends.

Lots of missions

In this open world map, lots of missions are available. In order to complete your journey you have to complete these tasks. Take part in event and earn special rewards for your players.


In this adventure game, you have many characters with special powers. Some characters have fire power, some have hydro powers and some can burst the opponents in seconds. By seven gods you can harness the powers.

Dozens of characters

In this game, there are several anime characters. These characters are very awesome because they are designed perfectly. If you love anime then you will love the appearance of these heroes. These heroes have special powers.

Premium features

Some features of this action game are premium. There are many characters which you can only buy with real money. For these special characters and upgrades, you need money.

What's new in genshin impact apk

No ads

The best feature of this game that everybody loves is it doesn't contain any ads. It means that you can enjoy smooth gameplay without any kind of interruption.

More characters

This game has many amazing characters and on players' demand, new characters are now available. These characters are more powerful and dangerous at the same time. The Names of these characters are wanderer, Faruzan. These characters are special and have more intense powers.

Another story

In this game's latest update a new story has been added. Now this game is more incredible and full of adventures. Name of this story is an Archon quest where you will enjoy more amazing and adventurous missions. There are also new events like Akitsu Kimodameshi. You can play events to earn extra points and rewards.

Why get genshin apk

It is a popular action game in which you will face danger at every step. This game is not difficult to play. Controls are very smooth and all the buttons are available on your screen. In this game, you will fight until you unleash the elemental reactions. Let's download this game and enjoy the end level graphics and smooth gameplay.

Method of downloading genshin impact apk

Here are the few simple steps through which you can download this action game. First you will search "Genshin impact apk version on the internet. Then click the download button and install the game.


It is one of the most spectacular action games which has brilliant graphics and smooth touch controls. You can start your journey with your friends and explore the huge open world map. So if you really are an action adventure fan then don't miss this chance and download this game right now.


Q. How many characters are available in Genshin impact APK?

In this game you will have more than 15 superhero characters.

Q. Does the apk version of genshin impact contain ads?

No, in the apk version of this game you can play all the missions without watching any pop up or ads notifications.


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